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Recommended places to visit for foreign residents in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city full of skyscrapers, nature, and steeped in history. The first time you come to Tokyo you may visit Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and the Imperial Palace. While that may make for an event-filled weekend on your first visit to Japan, this barely scratches the surface of things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has many things to offer for people of all ages and you'll find that being bored in Tokyo is a difficult task. 

Below are guides with recommended places to visit during your stay in Japan. The guides include Art and Science museums, places for families with children, old shopping streets, Japanese gardens, destinations to visit during the summer, and more.

History Museums in Tokyo

Museums are probably the best place to learn about the history of Japan and Tokyo. You can see things that were actually used in those days and get a feel for what it was like back then. Here we introduce some museums in Tokyo that are related to history. History Museums in Tokyo 1. Ancient Orient…

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Science Museums in Tokyo

Museums are very useful if you would like to spend a day satisfying your intellectual curiosity, enjoy an afternoon with your children, or spend some quality time to weather inclement weather. Here are some of the best science-related museums in Tokyo. Science Museums in Tokyo 1. Fire Museum About…

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Japanese Gardens in Tokyo – Nihon Teien

Tokyo is home to more than a few traditional Japanese gardens (Nihon Teien) that are ideal places to experience a moment of Zen or find some peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Depending on the style of garden, you may find a small "Karesansui" (dry landscape) or "Sekitei" (sto…

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Best Scenic Bamboo Forests and Gardens in and around Tokyo

One of the most easily accessible ways to enjoy a bit of secluded nature in Japan is by visiting a bamboo forest. Tokyo is home to a number of iconic sites where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For Tokyoites and travelers alike, the following bamboo forests and ga…

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Tokyo Bus Tour Guide: Make the Most of a Day in Tokyo

While Tokyo is perfectly safe to walk around in, the city’s size and crowds sometimes make sightseeing difficult. Fortunately, there are many Tokyo bus tours that cater to international customers. Keep reading to find out what’s available and which popular landmarks you can see along the way. Tokyo…

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What to Do in Roppongi Hills: A Day in the Hills

Located between Azabu-Juban and Akasaka, Roppongi is an aristocratic neighborhood that has been revitalized into a popular area with Tokyo’s famous Roppongi Hills complex at its heart. Keep reading to find out what the cultural center has to offer in art, entertainment, food, and more! What Is Ropp…

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Tokyo River Cruises: An Expat's Guide to Exploring Your New City

The first image that may come to mind when you think of Tokyo might be one full of tall gray buildings–a concrete jungle, if you will–but in fact Tokyo is full of many waterways that provide the perfect backdrop for the numerous cruising experiences that are offered. From the old-fashioned yakatabu…

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Roppongi Nightlife: Best Live Music & Art in Tokyo’s Trendy District

Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi district is known as a place of residential towers and office blocks in the daytime, and a popular destination with foreigners out for bars and restaurants in the evening. But there’s more to it than just bright lights and business. It’s also a premiere destination for live…

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Sushi in Akasaka: Don’t Miss Some of Tokyo’s Hidden Gems

Akasaka is one of the greatest business hubs in downtown Tokyo. With many salarymen and women out late for work, an excellent gourmet scene has sprouted, making Akasaka one of the most underrated places to live and dine in downtown Tokyo. Why is Akasaka a Great Place to Eat? Years of internation…

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Shibuya Station: Trendy Hub of Tokyo's Bustling Metropolis

Shibuya Station has to be one of the most well-known stations amongst tourists for its two main landmarks - the Hachiko statue, and the Shibuya “scramble crossing” that has appeared in countless movies and commercials over the years. The station first opened in 1885 as a stop on the Shinagawa Line,…

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