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Buying property in Tokyo is a great investment as Japan continues to become a highly desired destination for expat professionals. Redevelopment projects and improvements in infrastructure are clear indicators that now is the perfect time for buying property in Tokyo, and PLAZA HOMES is here to help you every step of the way with an impressive listing of available properties for sale.

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Buying property in Tokyo doesn’t need to be stressful. PLAZA HOMES can provide experienced support and advice on how to acquire valuable properties in Tokyo and find success in the Japanese real estate market.

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Exterior of Hiroyama-teien House in Zushi

Hiroyama-teien House in a high-class residential land for sale in lots. It is built in District A that includes many parcels of land with the area over 300tsubo (approx. 991.7sqm) per parcel. It is on the south-facing hilly ground where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sagami Bay. It comes with a large rooftop terrace and large garden. The management association maintains a safe and secure housing environment. It is recommended as a second house and a vacation house. To Hiroyama Park abt.450m, Zushi Marina abt.1.1km, Zushi Beach abt.1.7km, Zaimokuza Beach abt.2.0km, Nagisa-Dori Shopping road abt.1.5km, Zushi Ginza Shopping Street abt.2.4km.


Exterior of Domus Hiroo West 2F

It was constructed by Satohide Corporation and completed in July 1990. This vintage apartment is located in a quiet residential area of 1-chome, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku. It is within a 9-min walk of Ebisu Station and an 11-min walk of Hiroo Station, both are major stations in Shibuya-ku. It is not so far from Shibuya Station, having various redevelopment works in progress, and the areas of Daikanyama and Aoyama within a daily living area. With the 754.52sqm total floor area for only 12 total units, it features mostly spacious units.This unit is on the 2nd floor in the northeast corner of the building. It is a 3LDK type unit whose exclusive floor area is 139.30sqm (separately 21.79sqm of the balcony). It comes with a spacious layout arrangement including 47.4sqm of living room and dining room, 24.3sqm of a master bedroom, over 12.8sqm of other bedrooms, and 2 toilets. It was renovated in December 2018 to replace a built-in kitchen, vanity, toilet, etc. It also comes with a parking space with the exclusive right to use. It is currently vacant, and you can come and see the unit. So please consider it.


Exterior of Daita 3-chome House

5 minutes walk to Umegaoka station of Odakyu Line. Hanegi Park is within walking distance, and it provides superb viewing of ume (Japanese plum) flower during the winter time. Setagaya-daita station of Odakyu Line is 9 minutes away, and it is within a quiet residential area. Although it only stops for local trains, but since there are a train at every few minutes interval, inconvenience should not be an issue here. OdakyuOX supermarket is nearby, good for your everyday groceries. Located in a corner plot, plenty of sunlight and wind flow come from 3 directions. With the size of 2SLDK and adequate storage, it is suitable for the family oriented. Fully renovated in December 2019, it presents new wallpaper, flooring, fittings and materials. Having substantial modern equipment is also one of its specialties.


Exterior of Park Court Azabu Toriizaka 2F
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A stately looking low-rise apartment built on the hill top location along Toriizaka slope. It stands in a quiet residential area with lush greenery having a historic high class atmosphere as a place of Daimyo’s residences back in the Edo period. There are various foreign embassies, well-known private junior and senior high schools, and luxury residences for expats in the neighborhood. Redevelopment works in western Roppongi 5-chome and Azabudai District are currently in progress in the neighboring areas attracting more and more public attention as an international commercial district. Convenient for everyday life within approx. 6 min walk to Azabujuban Shopping Street and 11 min walk to Roppongi Hills.Corner unit facing north and west coming with floor heating, dishwasher, water purifier, and bathroom dryer. It is a clean and quiet unit.


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