Learning Japanese Language

Useful information of learning Japanese from beginners to advanced levels

If you are interested in learning Japanese or already have some experience studying the language, you may enjoy some of our articles below. We have created articles with information about free online materials for learning Japanese, great apps, Japanese in business use, must-know greetings and phrases, and more. These articles cover topics relevant to everyone no matter if your a beginner to the Japanese language or using it at advanced levels.

You can also find a list of Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo.

Japanese Idioms: A List of Expressions Based on Body Parts

When learning a language one of the most difficult, yet most interesting aspects is mastering the idioms and expressions that come with the language. From literal meanings that are seemingly completely at odds with metaphorical meanings to confusing colloquialisms, learning idioms can be an uphill…

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Understanding the different uses of ‟Sumimasen (Sorry)" in Japanese culture

Japanese people always say "Sumimasen (Excuse me / I’m sorry)" and you hear Sumimasen everywhere. But did you know that there are many meanings in Sumimasen? It's not always used for apologies.

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How Hard Is It to Learn Japanese? A Look at Why It's So Complex

The Japanese language is considered one of the most difficult to learn by many English speakers. With three separate writing systems, an opposite sentence structure to English, and a complicated hierarchy of politeness, it’s decidedly complex. But how hard is it to learn Japanese? Keep reading to f……

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The Best Way to Learn Japanese: 7 Savvy Strategies

So you're living in Japan and the only Japanese you know involves food names like sushi and tempura or brand names of electronics or cars. Some other expats may jokingly reassure you that you can get around with just saying "sumimasen (excuse me)" and "arigato gozaimasu (thank you)," but you can on…

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Polite and Useful Japanese Business Phrases

Working in a Japanese company requires not only knowledge of Japanese business culture but also the use of a polite form of Japanese that is not commonly used in daily life. Though some phrases and words do carry over into everyday normal conversation, some words have a strictly business feel about…

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Business Japanese - Telephone Phrases

When a foreigner works in a Japanese company, to answer incoming phone calls may be a basic office work. As telephone communication is made only by exchange of our voices, it is very important for you to learn “the set expressions of Japanese” to avoid discomfort or misunderstanding of the other pa…

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Best Japanese Learning Apps - from beginners to advanced levels

Whether you are studying at home or newly arrived in the country, the Japanese language can seem impossible to those just starting to learn it. That said, there's one simple way to survive no matter how little time you have: All you need is a smartphone and a couple of apps to help you memorize voc…

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Learning Japanese for Free: Great Online Tools

There are a lot of great free online materials for learning Japanese online and they are perfect for self-study. In this article you will find a collection of learning websites and tools for studying Japanese. If you are looking for Japanese-Learning Apps, please check “Best Japanese Learning Apps”…

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What you didn’t know about Japanese habits

There are many things that are commonplace in Japan the foreign residents or visitors may find strange or perhaps dangerous if done in their home countries. In this short article Eri, a Japanese teacher, recounts some of the more interesting questions and comments she has had from her students who a…

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Japanese Office Documents

If you have ever worked in a Japanese company, you may have had the experience of being overwhelmed by any in-house documents that you have had to submit on different occasions. These documents include claiming expenses, notifying the office when you are going directly home after meeting with a cli…

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