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Recommended places to visit for foreign residents in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city full of skyscrapers, nature, and steeped in history. The first time you come to Tokyo you may visit Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and the Imperial Palace. While that may make for an event-filled weekend on your first visit to Japan, this barely scratches the surface of things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has many things to offer for people of all ages and you'll find that being bored in Tokyo is a difficult task. 

Below are guides with recommended places to visit during your stay in Japan. The guides include Art and Science museums, places for families with children, old shopping streets, Japanese gardens, destinations to visit during the summer, and more.

What to Do in Roppongi Hills: A Day in the Hills

Located between Azabu-Juban and Akasaka, Roppongi is an aristocratic neighborhood that has been revitalized into a popular area with Tokyo’s famous Roppongi Hills complex at its heart. Keep reading to find out what the cultural center has to offer in art, entertainment, food, and more! What Is Ropp…

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What Makes Hiroo a Great Neighborhood for Tokyo Expats?

Hiroo has maintained its place as one of Tokyo’s most upscale neighborhoods for many years. Home to several of the capital’s embassies, Hiroo is a place where Japan’s international communities have carved out a comfortable expat-friendly lifestyle. The neighborhood offers a wide variety of Western…

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Azabujuban Shopping Area

History of Azabujuban Azabujuban Shopping Street has prospered as a temple town of the Zenpukuji Temple since the Edo Era for over 300 years. The area also prospered as an important crossing point for traffic centered along the Furukawa River, and was home to horse fairs and riding grounds. Many da…

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Arisugawa Park (Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park) in Hiroo

Arisugawa Park is appreciated by many foreign expats and locals alike as an oasis in central Tokyo. During the Edo era, this area was part of the residence of a local samurai. In 1896, this area became designated as part of the Imperial Families’ land. In 1934, it was turned into a public park and…

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Tokyo Shotengai: A Look at the City’s Old Shopping Streets

Imagine a bustling street lined with shops. On the left, you can see a popular chain restaurant; on the right you have a store that has no signage in front, but is actually a traditional soba shop. Time-worn antiques and edgy boutiques, a perfect mix of modern and traditional - welcome to Japan's o…

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Tokyo Station Guide: Japan’s Landmark Transit Hub Explained

Tokyo station has been restored to the former red bricked glory of the Meiji Era, this rail gateway to the capital city of Japan is the largest station in Tokyo. In 2003, it was recognized by the government as an Important Cultural Property. Elegant architectural details aside, there are so many si…

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Tokyo Tower Still Proudly Watches Over the City

Throughout Tokyo, there are many notable wonders that await the avid seeker, and among the myriad of marvels is one that towers high above most others. There is certainly much to be said about “Tokyo’s Eiffel Tower,” which it is so appropriately named. As an iconic landmark notable for its views bo…

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Tokyo Spas with Expat-Friendly Services

Tokyo is a bustling hub full of extraordinary places and things. For tourists, it may be fascinating; but for the people who live and work here, it can sometimes be exhausting. A bit of self-love in the form of a spa day can help you unwind from the everyday stresses. There’s no shortage of high-en…

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Hamarikyu Gardens (Hamarikyu Onshi Teien)

"Hamarikyu Gardens" is a large Japanese garden that located in the eastern part of Minato-ku and lies halfway between Hamatsucho Station and Shinbashi Station on the JR Yamanote Line. It is also near Shiodome Station on the Ooedo Line facing Tokyo Bay. History of Hamarikyu Gardens This garden was i…

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History Museums in Tokyo

Museums are probably the best place to learn about the history of Japan and Tokyo. You can see things that were actually used in those days and get a feel for what it was like back then. Here we introduce some museums in Tokyo that are related to history. History Museums in Tokyo 1. Ancient Orient…

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