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Recommended places to visit for foreign residents in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city full of skyscrapers, nature, and steeped in history. The first time you come to Tokyo you may visit Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and the Imperial Palace. While that may make for an event-filled weekend on your first visit to Japan, this barely scratches the surface of things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has many things to offer for people of all ages and you'll find that being bored in Tokyo is a difficult task. 

Below are guides with recommended places to visit during your stay in Japan. The guides include Art and Science museums, places for families with children, old shopping streets, Japanese gardens, destinations to visit during the summer, and more.

Top 10 Places to Shop in Shibuya for Every Need

Shibuya is Tokyo’s premiere spot for shopaholics, and we’ve come up with 10 great places to get all your shopping done, no matter what you’re looking for.

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Hiking Around Tokyo: 6 Great Spots for Peak Outdoor Fun

When most people think of good places to hike near Japan's capital city, the uber-famous Mount Fuji usually comes to mind. While certainly of peak interest, this mighty mountain may actually be too challenging for some. But did you know that there are actually a lot of spots great for hiking around…

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8 Best Museums in Tokyo: Art, Science, Swords and Beyond

If you are a fan of museums - be it for art, science or nature - or are keen to get to know more about Japanese culture, Tokyo is the right place to be. Japan's capital has a plethora of excellent museums (and of course - ladies especially take note - museum cafes). Whether you crave a day of intell…

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Cafes with Wifi in Tokyo: Connected Coffee Joints

A good cuppa joe and free wifi are two things that can be surprisingly hard to find even in the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo. Sure, you could try to locate the nearest Starbucks or local coffee chain such as Tully's, but why not be like a savvy local and head to a joint that roasts its own be…

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Tokyo Planetariums Offer a Truly Out of This World Experience in Japan

Japan’s many planetariums are a great attraction for both locals and sightseeing visitors alike. A type of “star theater” for learning about astronomy and the universe around us, planetariums allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the stars even in a large metropolis like Tokyo where the city’s light…

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Tokyo Cinema Options: 9 Fabulous Film Haunts in the City

From ultra-modern theaters with the latest shows to grungy cinemas showcasing indie movies, the Tokyo cinema scene is sure to satisfy both cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike. While most Tokyo movie theaters do not have English listings, screenings can be checked in The Japan Times. For films in…

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Classical Music in Tokyo - Suntory Hall, New National Theatre and Other Noted Venues

It is said that classical music first arrived in Japan in the later part of the Edo-era (circa 1862) by way of the earliest western entrepreneurs to settle in Yokohama. Entertainment was limited, and those that could play instruments set up small ensembles for their fellow settlers. A century and a…

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Tokyo Jazz Clubs: 8 Swinging City Haunts for Music Lovers

It is easy to find great jazz in Tokyo, making the city a music lovers playground. There are swanky bars where you can listen to lounge jazz and overlook a glittering Tokyo skyline, tiny smoky basements bars for more serious jazz aficionados, and large clubs with lavish auditoriums where you can set…

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Azabu-Juban Michelin Star Restaurants: Dine at Some of Tokyo’s Best

The Michelin Guide has become synonymous with fine dining across the world. Given its French origins, you might expect Paris to host the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Actually, the record is held by Tokyo. With 230 such restaurants and 13 three-star restaurants as of 2019, Japan’s capital is a…

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Azabujuban Shopping Area

Azabujuban - A traditional Japanese village with an international community in central Tokyo History of Azabujuban Azabujuban Shopping Street has prospered as a temple town of the Zenpukuji Temple since the Edo Era for over 300 years. The area also prospered as an important crossing point for traff…

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