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Recommended places to visit for foreign residents in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city full of skyscrapers, nature, and steeped in history. The first time you come to Tokyo you may visit Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and the Imperial Palace. While that may make for an event-filled weekend on your first visit to Japan, this barely scratches the surface of things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has many things to offer for people of all ages and you'll find that being bored in Tokyo is a difficult task. 

Below are guides with recommended places to visit during your stay in Japan. The guides include Art and Science museums, places for families with children, old shopping streets, Japanese gardens, destinations to visit during the summer, and more.

Tokyo Shotengai: A Look at the City’s Old Shopping Streets

Imagine a bustling street lined with shops. On the left, you can see a popular chain restaurant; on the right you have a store that has no signage in front, but is actually a traditional soba shop. Time-worn antiques and edgy boutiques, a perfect mix of modern and traditional - welcome to Japan's ol…

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Best Tokyo Views: 5 Great Sky-high Hangouts in the City

With its sea of undulating, shiny skyscrapers, two soaring towers, and the natural magnificence of Mount Fuji on a clear day, Japan's renowned capital of Tokyo offers no shortage of breathtaking city views. While one of the best ways to take in the sights may be to take a helicopter ride around the…

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7 Family-friendly Tokyo Parks Perfect for Summer Fun

Now that the hotter months are here, the kids will soon be starting summer holidays, so it’s best to get familiar with a few good family-friendly parks where one and all can run in the sun, play in the sand, frolic in the fields and catch a few beetles or cicadas. You’ll be surprised by the amazing…

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Cafes in Tokyo: Great Caffeine Haunts for Night Owls

In addition to traditional kissaten (traditional Japanese coffee and tea houses) and ubiquitous chain cafés like Doutor and Starbucks, cafés in Tokyo run the gamut from cozy living room-like coffee havens to quirky beach-themed haunts. If you’re wondering what to do in Tokyo at night, and for those…

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Tokyo Art Exhibitions: 9 Inspired Events for Culture Lovers

The kaleidoscopic cultural canvas of Tokyo is home to a range of multi-disciplinary art festivals. For visitors, this means the opportunity to see works from emerging and established artists across a range of mediums and subject areas. From innovative ideas about home and lifestyle to modern interpr…

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Best Art Museums & Galleries in Tokyo

Are you looking for a good way to introduce a little culture by way of art into an upcoming weekend or holiday? If you live in or near the center of Tokyo, there are a lot of great options for you. There are numerous art museums and galleries throughout Tokyo that are all easily accessible. Check o…

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Join a Japanese Pottery Class in Tokyo

Japanese Pottery (Tougei) is popular throughout the world. Arita-yaki, Kutani-yaki, Mashiko-yaki, are just three types of Japanese ceramics. Arita yaki is made in and around the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture. It is known for is elegantly painted designs with colors such as indigo, red, yellow a…

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Tokyo Tower Still Proudly Watches Over the City

Throughout Tokyo, there are many notable wonders that await the avid seeker, and among the myriad of marvels is one that towers high above most others. There is certainly much to be said about “Tokyo’s Eiffel Tower,” which it is so appropriately named. As an iconic landmark notable for its views bot…

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Tokyo Flea Market Guide: 10 Bastions of Bargain-Hunting

There are many different ways to experience the culture of a foreign place, but nothing gives quite the same insight into local pop culture, history and everyday life as a flea market. Tokyo has plenty such gatherings (known as "furima" in Japanese) on offer, so whether it’s antiques, local fashion,…

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Tokyo’s Depachika Are Basement-Level Havens of Top-Shelf Food

When shopping for fresh produce and handmade meals, South-East Asia has its colorful, raucous outdoor markets, and the West its artisanal weekend farmers markets. Japan offers its own unique alternative to both of these, with its depachika. In the basement level of department stores (“depa”—a conj…

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