Useful Daily Living Information

Information on everyday life for foreign residents in Tokyo

If you are not familiar with the local community rules and systems where you are living, you may become overwhelmed by unfamiliar menial tasks in your daily life. By knowing and understanding the ins and outs beforehand, you will be able to navigate daily life in Japan more effectively and comfortably.

Below, we have gathered and assortment of information related to daily life in Japan, in English, covering such topics as how to discard garbage, or how to pay the bills. 

How to Change Electricity Providers in Tokyo

In Japan, you are free to select your electricity and gas supplier of your choice. There may be companies that can save you more money on your electricity and gas bills than you are paying now. Here, we introduce the benefits of switching providers. Before switching a provider, please check your cu…

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How to Pay Utility Bills in Japan

Lifeline utilities provide necessary services to each city such as electricity, gas, and water. These basic services are needed for everyday life. In this article, you can learn about the rate structure and payment methods of Japanese Utilities. Electricity and gas rates vary monthly according to c…

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Connecting and Disconnecting Utilities When Moving Home in Tokyo

When moving to a new home in Japan, the property will initially not have any of the utilities connected. If your landlord or real estate agency has already set up and had the utilities connected for you, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if they are unable to help you with having your…

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How to Donate and Sell Used Clothing and Furniture in Japan

Whether learning a new language, doing your best to follow the local culture, or just trying to get from point A to point B, living in Japan never ceases to keep expats on their toes. But what to do when your time in Tokyo has ended, or you need to move to another apartment, or you would like to ad…

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How to use Japanese High-Tech Toilets

Japan is known as a land of extremes, and even in modern-day urban Tokyo, you can find "washiki (Japanese-style, hole-in-the-ground)" toilets, and in extreme contrast, the high-tech toilets of today. Not only are the high-tech "yoshiki (Western-style)" toilets more comfortable, they are also more e…

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How to Read Recycling Symbols on Products in Japan

Navigating Japan’s recyclable garbage system can be more than a little confusing. In this article, we explain what Japan's recycling symbols mean.

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Japan Post Office Tips: Finding your Way

Have you ever needed to mail something or pick up a package while living in Japan? Like in most of the rest of the world, Japan has an efficient postal system with 24,000 post offices scattered all over the country to meet mailing needs. The Japanese Postal System also offers a number of financial…

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Harmful insects in homes – Cockroaches/Gokiburi

You may find roaches in your home especially in summer season. Roaches will gather wherever there is food. They have survived for a long long time as they will eat anything, and they can go almost anywhere by using their flat body. I've found that roaches in Tokyo are small (average 3.5~4.5cm) but…

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Japanese Mosquito Repellents and Medicine to Stop Itching

One unfortunate truth about Japan is that, like any other country, it has bugs that can sometimes get in your home or apartment. Even if you live on the 15th floor of an apartment building, you may still encounter the occasional unwelcome housemate. So, we understand how you feel when you meet a cr…

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Japan Courier Services Combine Convenience, Efficiency and Innovation

Courier services in Japan are second to none, both for efficiency and innovation—ever thought of easily and quickly getting your luggage delivered from the airport or your skis to your resort? In Japan, this is not only possible, but an everyday occurrence. And when it comes to regular parcel deliv…

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