Useful Daily Living Information

Information on everyday life for foreign residents in Tokyo

If you are not familiar with the local community rules and systems where you are living, you may become overwhelmed by unfamiliar menial tasks in your daily life. By knowing and understanding the ins and outs beforehand, you will be able to navigate daily life in Japan more effectively and comfortably.

Below, we have gathered and assortment of information related to daily life in Japan, in English, covering such topics as how to discard garbage, or how to pay the bills. 

International Money Transfers to Japan

When sending money to Japan, using one of the international money transfer service has certain advantages over traditional bank transfers. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of overseas remittance services that you can use to send money to Japan from a number of countries around the world…

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BOOKOFF: How to Sell Your Unwanted Items in English in Japan

BOOKOFF is the most famous second-hand shop in Japan and they have about 800 shops in Japan. In this article, we introduce BOOKOFF's purchase service and its "on-site" purchase service that you can use in English.

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Fighting Humidity and Mold During Japan’s Rainy Season

Summer in Japan can be an exciting time, full of bright summer festivals, fun beach trips, and shaved ice in myriad flavors. However, summer is also a time of high humidity, long sticky days, and mold. Fighting mold in the home is a constant exercise for many who live in Japan. Fortunately, there a…

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Furusato Nozei: How to Benefit from Japan's Hometown Tax

Furusato Nōzei, or the hometown tax, is a system by which taxpayers can pay their income or residential tax to a regional area, rather than the area in which they actually reside. Why pay tax somewhere else? Because under this system, regional areas will provide “gifts” as a show of thanks. These…

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Redeliveries in Japan: Japan Post, Kuroneko, Sagawa & Amazon

There are many Japanese delivery services available, ranging from the well-known “black cat” Kuroneko service to specialized refrigerated delivery for perishable items. When a driver delivers a package while you’re out, an attempted delivery slip called a fuzaihyo will be placed in your post box or…

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Plastic Shopping Bags will be Charged in Japan Starting in July 2020

From July 2020, retailers in Japan will charge fees for plastic bags and it is mandatory. Some retail chains and drug stores started charging fees from April. The law applies to all retail stores including convenience stores like Familymart, Seven-Eleven or Lawson. Now it's time to carry a shoppi…

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Consumption Tax Reward Point Program for Cashless Payments

What is the Japanese government’s Reward Point Program for Cashless Payments? This promotion started on the 1st of October 2019 and will continue until the 30th of July 2020. If you make purchases using a cashless payment method, such as electronic money or credit cards, you will receive 2% or 5% o…

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Paying Bills in Japan Conveniently: A Simple Guide

Paying bills is no one’s favorite thing to do, regardless of where you live. When it comes to paying though, the easier it is the less painful it will be. This is another area in which Japan stands out among the rest. There are a variety of convenient ways you can pay your bills in Japan, whether i…

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How to Pay Utility Bills in Japan

Lifeline utilities provide necessary services to each city such as electricity, gas, and water. These basic services are needed for everyday life. In this article, you can learn about the rate structure and payment methods of Japanese Utilities. How You will Receive Utility Bills A professional wor…

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Connecting and Disconnecting Utilities When Moving Home in Tokyo

When moving to a new home in Japan, the property will initially not have any of the utilities connected. If your landlord or real estate agency has already set up and had the utilities connected for you, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if they are unable to help you with having your…

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