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Whether you’re living alone or with your family, prefer central Tokyo or the suburbs, we can find an upscale property that meets your specifications for foreign residents in Tokyo.

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High-grade residential complex in Roppongi Hills. Full facilities and ample reception service. Facility includes swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon treatment, sky lounge, medical clinic, pet animal caring, dry-cleaning and etc.

JPY 330,000 - 930,000/month

This 54-story luxury apartment is located in the premises of Toranomon Hills, which is attracting attention for redevelopment. It comes with various shared facilities such as an international preschool, a bilingual clinic for the residents, spas, a fitness gym, and a library. It offers the units with high-grade equipment including floor heating, washer/dryer, and dishwasher. Azabudai Hills, a large commercial facility with lush greenery, is also within walking distance.

JPY 1,500,000 - 1,720,000/month

It is a 44-story luxury tower condominium apartment located close to Tokyo Midtown and adjacent to Hinokicho Park. It is designed by the world-famous Japanese architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma adding warmth to the building and its base isolated and vibration damping structure provides high aseismatic performance. It comes with the full range of the latest shared facilities and services such as various lounges, a fitness gym, concierge service, etc.

JPY 750,000 - 800,000/month

This tower apartment is a part of large-scale redevelopment project and is directly connected to Roppongi 1-chome Sta. The building is covered with symbolic, beautiful green glasses. A bilingual concierge assists foreign residents. It also provides highly functional in-house facilities such as a floor heating system, bathtub heater, etc. Azabudai Hills, a large commercial facility with lush greenery, is also within walking distance.

JPY 200,000 - 700,000/month

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Luxury in Tokyo's Finest Apartments

It's easy to find your ideal rental apartment or house in Tokyo with PLAZA HOMES. We provide the following types of properties.

  • Properties with easy access to your child's preferred international school

  • Apartments with English-speaking concierge services

  • Detached houses with large gardens and multiple parking spaces

  • Properties with the latest home technologies, like automated baths and mist saunas

  • High-rise apartments with scenic views of the Tokyo skyline

Allow our experienced bilingual agents to guide you through Tokyo’s most prestigious residential areas by car as we help you find a property perfectly tailored to your ideal lifestyle in Japan. We support you throughout the home-finding process, from the lease contract to move-in and any English-language daily living services you may need assistance in procuring.

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Looking for an apartment or house rental in Tokyo that's best suited to your lifestyle? PLAZA HOMES features properties with amenities that best match your personal living preference. Click below to discover what's available to you.

Flexible Short-Term Rentals

Our short term rental apartments are fully furnished and available from as short as a 1 month stay. This is an affordable alternative to staying in a hotel on a monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average rent in Japan?

The average rent varies depending on the ward, but even within the same ward, the rent varies depending on “the proximity to the nearest station and the age of the building”, “whether the nearest station is served by multiple train lines”, or “whether the express train stops at the station”. In addition to the 3 wards in central Tokyo, the following areas, which are called high-class residential areas lined with luxury residences, also tend to have higher market rents.

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Where do most expats live in Tokyo?

The majority of expats working for international companies, as well as foreign diplomats residing in Japan, live in Central Tokyo—mostly in the neighborhoods around Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku. These areas have well-established foreign embassies along with many shops, restaurants, and other businesses and facilities that are comfortable with assisting English-speaking clientele.

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Is it hard to rent an apartment in Japan as a foreigner?

When foreigners rent apartments or houses in Japan, they may come across some difficult situations due to the language barrier, Japanese business customs, or due to the need to use a guarantor. If you are a foreigner in Japan, we recommend that you understand the following unique business practices of renting a property in before you start your house hunting.

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What is a key fee in Japan?

Sometimes called "thank you" money. A sum generally around one to two month's rent is paid to the lessor at the initiation of the lease. It is not refundable.

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Do you get your deposit back in Japan?

The Lease contracts used when renting housing have a clause defining the restoration requirements for a property when moving out. During the period of a lease contract a tenant will be held responsible for damages to the property such as scratches, stains, or any other damage to the leased property caused whether intentional or accidental. Under the Japanese Law, the lessee must use the leased property carefully and using commonsense as if they were the manager of the property.

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Do apartments in Tokyo allow pets?

There are many properties in Tokyo that allow pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, and more. Some of these properties go the extra mile by not only allowing pets but also catering to pet owners. View our available properties below, and find the home both you and your pet will love today!

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Do Japanese apartments come furnished?

In Japan, rental properties are divided into three categories:

  1. Unfurnished apartments for long-term leases (contracts exceeding 1 year).
  2. Furnished apartments for long-term leases (contracts exceeding 1 year).
  3. Furnished apartments for short-term leases (contracts lasting 1 month or more).

Depending on your duration of stay and budget, it is recommended to choose between unfurnished or furnished options.

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