Beat the Summer Heat at One of Tokyo’s Water Parks

Poste date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

If you're looking for some place to go to escape Tokyo’s oppressive summer heat, we've got a few recommendations that'll do the trick. From the luxury high-rise apartments of Roppongi to the quite backstreets of Oji to the north, there are plenty of water parks and pools in the Tokyo metro area that are accessible by train, bus, car, or foot, depending on your choice of transportation. Below are some of the best waterparks to beat the summer heat (please note that prices are listed as of July 2016). 


Tokyo Summerland

Tokyo summerland

Perhaps the best known of the Tokyo water parks, Tokyo Summerland is open most of the year. It has both indoor and outdoor sections, with enough water slides and waterfalls to keep you amused for many a hot afternoon. There's also the requisite wave pool and lazy river. Also, one unique amenity is the onsen hot spring (swimwear required). One thing to note, no glass bottles or cans are allowed on the premises. Entrance starts at ¥3,500 for adults during July 1–September 30 (¥2,000 the rest of the year). 


Toshimaen Water Park

Toshimaen Hydro-police

At Toshimaen, the waterpark has several different sections, including an assortment of outdoor pools and water slides. The Hydropolis section has three major slides—Bodyride Mountain, Innertube Hill, and Thrill Slide Tower, so don't miss any of them. One unique feature of this park is the “Nautic Jet,” which is a ride that launches riders up to eight meters in the air after a downhill slide. There are numerous amenities at this park, including various tubes and floats for rent, food, and lounge areas where one can sit after a hard day's swimming. Entrance is ¥4,000 for adults. The park is open from July 2 – August 31.
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Yomiuriland WAI

Water Amusement Island, or WAI as it's known by locals, is the water section of the Yomiuriland amusement park. If you're looking for an amusement park that has somewhere to cool-off, then WAI is the place for you. Once you've survived the roller coasters, step on over to WAI for a cool down. They've got five pools and three slides, including the Giant Sky River, which boasts a highest point of 24.5 meters and a ride length of 386 meters that you and three of your friends or family can enjoy together on one of the rubber rings used to ride down the slide. Entrance starts at ¥3,200 for adults. WAI is open July 1–September 11.
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Tobu Super Pool

At about a 90-minute train ride from Shibuya station, the Hybrid Leisure Land is a great place to go with your kids. They have a zoo with 1,200 animals representing a variety of species, Pleasure Land amusement park with 30 different attractions, and of course, the Super Pool! It has a 300-meter long lazy river, a 90-meter wave pool, a three-lane super slide, a body boarding rapids slide, and numerous pools with activities for kids. There is plenty of fun in the sun to be had here so you and your kids won't regret the visit. Note, unlike many water parks in Japan, tents and collapsible shelters are not allowed at this water park. Entrance is ¥2,400 for adults. The Super Pool is open July 16 – September 4.


Other Tokyo Water Parks

Beyond these, there are numerous other water parks around Tokyo, including the Kawagoe Aquatic Park, the Rainbow Pool, the Native Forest Pool, and Seibuen Yuenchi Pool.


One Consideration

One thing to note about Japanese water parks is that they do not permit individuals with tattoos on the premises, and the ones mentioned above are no exception. Many locals get around this rule by covering any visible tattoos with large waterproof bandages though this is no guarantee that you will not be turned away or asked to leave by staff.

We hope these ideas are helpful in helping you cool down this summer!


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