Emergency & Disaster Prevention in Japan

Information on Earthquakes, typhoons, where to evacuate, and more.

Although Japan is a safe and modern country with various emergency services in place, being prepared and knowing how to access those emergency services can make all the difference. Due to its geographical location, Japan is prone to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. Preparing beforehand will make it easier safeguard yourself and family against injury in the event such disasters occur.

Below are guides including a comprehensive list of various emergency services, useful information and guidance in the event of a natural disaster, Emergency number lists, Evacuation Shelter Sites in Tokyo, and Japanese earthquake insurance.

We recommend that you carefully read and bookmark some articles below so they remain accessible in the event of an emergency.

Japan and Earthquakes: Why They Happen and How They are Measured

In Japan, you will sometimes hear sudden beeping noise interrupting your TV program and words flashing across the top of the screen - that is a public announcement of the occurrence and magnitude of any earthquake or natural disaster that just occurred in Japan. At the same time, an alarm, warning…

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Earthquake-proof your Home: A Simple Safety Checklist

With a tremor occurring in Japan every five minutes, it’s never too early to get your home earthquake-ready to ensure minimum damage and maximum chances of survival. If you come from a country that doesn’t suffer from earthquakes so frequently, here are some basic and common-sense indoor safety mea…

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Japanese warning system - J-ALERT

As Japan lies on the circum-Pacific volcanic belt, the occurrence of the large-scale earthquakes and possibly volcanic eruptions, are unavoidable. If that wasn't troublesome enough in and of itself, Japan has a neighboring country that frequently test-fires its ballistic missiles in the direction of…

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Emergency Evacuation Backpack for Natural Disasters in Japan

Being prepared for emergency evacuation It is advisable to have an evacuation bag prepared in the event of an emergency evacuation in Japan due to an earthquake, fire, tsunami, lifeline cutoff, etc. What items are needed for you or your family to survive while waiting to be rescued or for food supp…

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Useful Free Apps and Websites to Protect You from Natural Disasters in Japan​

When natural disasters happen (such an earthquakes or typhoons), it's important to obtain accurate information that is easy to understand. There are several Apps and Websites which are provide this information in English. Here are some of the must-have Apps to prepare you for natural disasters alon…

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Earthquake App Options: 6 Smart Choices for your Smartphone

As even Japan’s reliable mobile phone networks will inevitably get jammed during natural disasters, the internet is your best bet for getting information and disseminating information about yourself. If you’re new to Japan or aren’t fluent in the language yet, or if your phone set was purchased outs…

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Japan Typhoon Season: How to Prepare for a Disaster

It is not only earthquakes that you may need to keep in mind as risks of natural disasters in Japan. As sea temperature levels rise due to global warming in recent years, typhoons are beginning to originate closer to Japan, and are becoming more powerful. Tropical storms, which arise from tropical…

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Floods in Tokyo and Safety Tips and Preparation

Japan, located in the eastern end of Monsoon Asia, one of the world's rainy regions, has an average annual rainfall of 1718 mm, which is about twice the global average (880 mm). Moreover, the precipitation in Japan fluctuates greatly from season to season, and is concentrated in the rainy season an…

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Emergency Free Wi-Fi Service 00000JAPAN

There are several types of natural disasters in Japan such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods. During an emergency situation, having an Internet Connection is very important and can potentially save yourself and your family’s life. With an internet connection, you can post or access information on…

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What to do in Case of an Earthquake: Safety and Evacuation

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world, with research showing that there is a 70% probability that one might occur right below Tokyo within the next 30 years. Given that, it is highly advisable to get familiar with what to do in case of an earthquake or earthquake-related…

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