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Property Information

Please note that the contents of the site may inevitably contain inaccuracy as follows:
Properties listed on the site may be unavailable for lease or sale due to real-time market consequence. Property's actual condition should prevail over such property information if any difference exists. Lease conditions indicated in 'Property Information' such as rent, sale price and etc. may have changed due to lessor's reasons.

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Plaza Homes makes every care and effort to secure information control on user's individual details in accordance with the Provisions specified in 'Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law'* of Japan. Excepting reasons deemed necessary for business or otherwise justifiable under law, user's personal information submitted to Plaza Homes will not be distributed or disclosed to any third party.

PLAZA HOMES Privacy Policy

*Article 45 of 'Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law' of Japan

"Any person or company of real estate business registered under this Law shall not disclose any fact of secrecy inevitably learned in profession to any third party. This Provision shall apply in the same manner even after the cease of such profession or business."

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