Tokyo Business Districts

A guide to major business areas in Central Tokyo

Tokyo is the center of Japanese commerce and government. In addition to housing, the central government, and various other capital and administrative functions, the head offices of many prominent companies are also located here. Many foreign companies are based in the Central Area of the Tokyo's 23 wards such as Otemachi, Roppongi, Akasaka, and Nihonbashi by type of industry. Because we understand that being familiar with each business district could be a major factor in deciding whether or not to begin living and working in Tokyo, we would like to introduce each one of them in detail here.

Marunouchi / Otemachi / Yurakucho / Ginza

Tokyo Station offers the best access to both Western and North-eastern Japan. Major areas in central Tokyo are also easily accessible form here. Around Tokyo Station, the Marunouchi and Otemachi areas are considered as premium locations for offices. The head offices of banks, airline companies, securities firms, network companies, etc. are located here. Many of which are foreign financed companies. The areas spanning from Yurakucho to Ginza are known as shopping areas where luxurious stores and well-established department stores have gathered.

Tokyo Station
Marunouchi Buildings
Ginza Shopping area

Kojimachi / Yotsuya / Nagatacho

These areas are located next to the Imperial Palace and National Diet Building where many public offices have gathered. At the same time, the premium location of Marunouchi is also nearby. While many buildings constructed here are medium sized, there are also high-rise buildings such as Prudential Tower in Nagatacho and Garden Tower in Kioicho. The roads are wide with nearby urban oases courtesy of the Palace. It comparatively a very wide and open area within Tokyo. Towards Nagatacho and Kojimachi, many diet members’ offices and law offices can be found.

National Diet Building

Nihonbashi / Kyobashi

Many financial institutes around the Bank of Japan and Tokyo Stock Exchange and well-established stores are concentrated here. It is relatively close to Tokyo Station with its many subway stations; which makes this area very convenient. A business and commercial complex tower building, COREDO Nihonbashi and COREDO Muromachi have been attracting attention as a new landmark in Nihonbashi.

COREDO Nihonbashi
Bank of Japan Head Office
Nihonbashi Bridge

Roppongi / Akasaka / Kamiyacho

Many business districts such as Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, Ark Hills in Tameike, Toranomon Hills, Shiroyama Hills and Ark Hills Sengokuyama in Kamiyacho, Izumi Garden in Roppongi 1-chome are located in these areas. A number of embassies and hotels as well as foreign-affiliated Japanese companies gather here. As a result these areas are very international.

Roppongi Hills
Tokyo Midtown
Ark Hills

Shimbashi / Hamamatsucho / Tamachi

Shimbashi is a commercial area that lies next to premium locations of Hibiya and Yurakucho. Shimbashi is busy with many business people. Shiodome area has been newly developed. In addition to modern high-rise b uildings, hotels and an Italian town are found here. Hamamatsucho is convenient to get to Haneda Airport and the warehouse area. Many head office of Japanese companies are located in Tamachi. Once leaving Yamanote Line towards inside of the train route, the relaxed area with rich greenery spreads such as Shiba Park, Shiba Daimon, etc.


Shibuya / Ebisu / Hiroo / Omotesando

Several train lines come across at Shibuya, Ebisu and Omotesando stations; which makes these areas very convenient. Hiroo is an international area where embassies concentrate. Aoyama and Omoesando areas are known as fashionable areas where apparel companies and Japanese-branch companies of well-known foreign brand name companies gather.

Ebisu Garden Place
Omotesando Hills

Shinagawa / Osaki / Gotanda / Meguro

Shinagawa Station functions as a gate to Yokohama and Western Japan. It offers excellent access to many areas. Inter City, Tennnozu, etc. grew to the east of the station as a part of the new development. Around Osaki Station, new commercial developments such as Gate City, Think Park, etc. accommodate large companies. Many medium-size buildings can be found in Meguro and Gotanda areas that are busy both day and night.

Shinagawa Station
Osaki Gate City
Meguro Station

Shinjuku / Yoyogi

A number of different train lines toward more central Tokyo as well as suburban areas originate form Shinjuku Station that offers excellent access to many areas. In Nishi-Shinjuku, many high-rise buildings gather including Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Many of buildings accommodate headquarters of major Japanese companies. IT related business offices as well as foreign companies concentrate in Hatsudai.

Shinjuku Station
Yoyogi Station

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