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PLAZA HOMES provides an impressive selection of luxury apartments and houses for sale, ideal for expats seeking an upscale home that combines sleek, modern design with a full range of features to accommodate your professional lifestyle. Our centrally located properties are located within easy reach of all that is important in Tokyo, so you can comfortably live, work, and play in the heart of the East’s most famous metropolis. 

Search through our high-end listings and discover a large selection of layouts, neighborhoods, and amenities that suit your unique needs. Looking for a spacious, pet-friendly house for your active family, or maybe an apartment with a state-of-the-art fitness center and pool to help you stay in shape after a long day at the office? With PLAZA HOMES you can find the perfect home in Tokyo.

Exterior of The Parkhouse Gran Minami-aoyama
  • 1
  • 100.6 sq.m.

It is a luxurious condominium apartment which stands in a rare location of 4 min walk from Omotesando Station. High grade imported appliances are arranged as a standard equipment and the concierge and porter service support comfortable everyday life.

JPY 260,000,000

Exterior of Proud Motoazabu
  • 1 - 2
  • 144.0 - 144.2 sq.m.

Nomura Proud branded low-rise luxury condominium apartment located on the hilltop of Moto-Azabu. It is close to Nishimachi International School and Moto-Azabu Hills. It is a quiet residential area full of international atmosphere dotted with embassy of various countries and international schools while having high-rise condos and old high class residences.

JPY 318,000,000 - 330,000,000

Exterior of The Dochester Minami-aoyama
  • 1
  • 181.0 sq.m.

JPY 208,000,000

Exterior of Roppongi Grand Tower Residence
Roppongi, Kamiyacho
  • 2
  • 70.9 sq.m.

This tower apartment is a part of large-scale redevelopment project and is directly connected to Roppongi 1-chome Sta. The building is covered with symbolic, beautiful green glasses. A bilingual concierge assists foreign residents. It also provides highly functional in-house facilities such as a floor heating system, bathtub heater, etc.

JPY 230,000,000

Exterior of Ikedayama Grand Hills
Gotanda, Ikedayama
  • 4
  • 240.7 sq.m.

A condominium apartment housing four units in total. Each unit is spaciously laid out to secure its independence. Spacious living-dining room that suits a foreign family. Two Japanese style bathrooms.

JPY 268,000,000

Exterior of Clover Roppongi
Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 1 - 2
  • 37.8 - 158.8 sq.m.

JPY 51,800,000 - 288,000,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Shirokane 2-chome Tower
Shirokanedai, Shirokane-takana
  • 3
  • 185.3 sq.m.

Earthquake-proof tower apartment located on the other side of Sheraton Miyako Hotel across Megro-dori Street, in old high class Shirokane area with lush greenery. It is one of The Parkhouse branded luxury condominium apartment. It comes with the entrance hall having beautiful open ceiling and the dwelling units filled with refined interior design. The room equipment is well-arranged for comfortable life.

JPY 545,000,000

Exterior of Flat Midorigaoka
  • 3
  • 151.4 sq.m.

High-grade residential complex in 'Minami-Aoyama'. Convenient for shopping and transportation access. Dish-washer, cooking-oven and other ample facilities.

JPY 288,000,000

Harajuku, Meiji-jingumae
  • 2
  • 125.6 sq.m.

Located conveinently close to Harajuku station, this property boasts a fitness gym, pool and sauna on-site. Concierge service is also available and there are plenty of trees in the surrounding area.

JPY 298,000,000

Exterior of Sanctus Arisugawa
Hiroo, Azabujuban
  • 3
  • 119.0 sq.m.

It is a condominium apartment built in 1999 which is located on the hilltop in 3 Chome, Minami-Azabu, Minato-Ku. Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park only about 250m away has abundant greens and the seasonal beauty in the rolling landscape. The area accessible to Hiroo and Azabu-juban Station is full of international atmosphere having the embassies of various countries, open-air cafes, stylish clothing shops, and international supermarkets.

JPY 198,000,000

Exterior of Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower
Akasaka, Nogizaka
  • 2
  • 72.5 sq.m.

It is a 44-story luxury tower condominium apartment located close to Tokyo Midtown and adjacent to Hinokicho Park. It is designed by the world-famous Japanese architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma adding warmth to the building and its base isolated and vibration damping structure provides high aseismatic performance. It comes with the full range of the latest shared facilities and services such as various lounges, a fitness gym, concierge service, etc.

JPY 289,000,000

Exterior of City Tower Azabu-juban
  • 2
  • 118.2 - 133.2 sq.m.

An ultra high-rise tower residence, City Tower Azabujuban. Shinjuku, Otemachi and Shinagawa are within a 15 min. drive. A floor to ceiling style sky-lounge and the latest security system are big attractions.

JPY 250,000,000 - 360,000,000

Exterior of Park Court Akasaka The Tower
  • 1 - 2
  • 39.0 - 126.9 sq.m.

Located in the crossing point of Aoyama and Akasaka areas. Surrounded by greenery upland terrain. 43 storey of over 150 meter high residential tower. Five-layered security checks. Friendly concierge and porter staffs as popular service.

JPY 65,000,000 - 268,000,000

Exterior of Aoyama Park Tower
  • 3
  • 138.6 sq.m.

5-minute walk to Shibuya Station, within walking distance of Omotesando and Harajuku area. Surrounded by airy spaces. Hotel style entrance. Lower stories have great view of greenery.

JPY 340,000,000

Rokubancho, Yotsuya
  • 3
  • 112.3 - 144.7 sq.m.

Located in Rokubancho that derives from old high class samurai residence town near the Edo castle. Currently the area with the highest official land price in Japan. The area was lived by the direct retainer samurais of the shogun and has been inherited and lived by government officials and cultural figures afterwards. After getting out of Yotsuya Station, you walk along the way colored by overflowing green. Roadside trees and the greens in the residential area continues and handsome cityscape welcomes you and gives you comfort.

JPY 298,000,000 - 460,000,000

Exterior of Brillia Kamakura Onarimachi
  • 1
  • 98.9 sq.m.

Kamakura is an international tourist city, which is only one hour away from Tokyo and is surrounded by rich nature, various tourist attractions, and many historical spots. You can enjoy history and culture at the same time there. Brilia Kamakura Onarimachi is in the good location with only 4 min walk from JR Kamakura Station. It is a luxurious and elegant low rise residence designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

JPY 115,000,000

Exterior of Brillia The Tower Tokyo Yaesu Avenue
  • 3
  • 111.0 sq.m.

Located within approx.16min walk from Tokyo Station and 1min walk from the sub-entrance of Hatchobori Station of JR Keiyo Line. It is a 30 story tower condominium apartment with quake-absorbing structure. It comes with luxurious communal facilities such as a sky lounge and a library lounge. It also comes with a spacious storage space and a storage room for each dwelling unit. Ceiling height windows provide plenty of sunlight and nice views.

JPY 235,000,000

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