Selling Your Apartment, House or Commercial Property in Japan

Selling your property in Tokyo doesn’t need to be stressful. PLAZA HOMES’s bilingual real estate experts offer a wealth of local knowledge on how to effectively sell your property in Japan. We offer a complete range of services for sellers as well as helpful selling guides for anyone new to the Tokyo market.

Sell Your Tokyo Property with PLAZA HOMES

Take advantage of our quality brokerage service and diverse client base.

Tokyo Real Estate Valuation and Consultation Services

We proudly stand by our Tokyo real estate valuation and consultation services as our experienced agents pair their localized knowledge with extensive data to assess your property and assist you throughout the selling process.

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Our Marketing Strategy for Selling Your Tokyo Apartment or House

How We Present Your Tokyo Property for Selling

We provide advice on renovation strategies and cleaning plans that add value and make your Tokyo property stand out. Additionally, our professional photographer specializes in capturing the unique qualities of your property for effective advertising.

How Do We Promote Your Tokyo Property for Sale?

We advertise your listing across a variety of proven channels domestically and internationally and in both English and Japanese.

Accessing Our Tokyo-Based Real Estate Customers

Our clients are made up of Japanese and international companies, investors, and private home owners. We also advertise to local community residents by distributing fliers and holding open houses.

Regular Status Updates for Selling Your Tokyo Property

We actively keep you up to date on promotion performance and opportunities by reporting on advertising methods, inquiries from prospective customers, responses from interested buyers, and current Tokyo market trends. We also provide continued advice on price adjustments, renovations, etc. to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

Full-English Tokyo Property Sales Support and Processing

Our bilingual agents will explain any complex sales procedures, necessary costs, document contents, etc. in simple English. Entrust us with taking care of all aspects of selling your property for a smooth sales transaction from your initial inquiry to settlement.

Tokyo Property Seller Guides

These guides cover topics such as property price assessment, required costs and taxes to sell a property, types of mediation, advertisement of sales, real estate sales contract, settlement, and delivery of the property.

Guide to Selling Real Estate in Tokyo

This guide explains the procedures involved in the selling of a property, types of mediation contracts, necessary fees, documents and items.

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Tokyo Property Selling Costs and Taxes

This page explains the necessary costs and taxes required in order to sell a property in Japan including explanations and examples.

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