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Learning to cook Japanese food or dining at a traditional Japanese restaurant may be an unforgettable experience and memory for non-Japanese staying in Japan. Japanese food may however not be what you want to eat every day while living in Japan. You may want to get food from your home country, use a food delivery service for your convenience, or you may require halal food for religious reasons.

Here we have made a list of useful articles including English websites for Japanese Food Recipes, English speaking Food Delivery services, How to read Food Labels in Japan, International Supermarkets, and information for vegetarians, specifically selected within central Tokyo.

Ebisu Restaurants: Top Tokyo Luxury Neighborhood Dining Spots

Named after one of the seven Japanese gods of fortune, Tokyo’s upscale Ebisu neighborhood has certainly enjoyed the fortune of being a thriving economic area within the bustling metropolis. A residential area located just beside the high-traffic, high-end shopping district of Shibuya, Ebisu shows i…

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Where to Get the Full Sake Experience in Tokyo

When it comes to food and drink pairings or special occasion beverages, most people’s first thoughts go to wine. In Japan, however, sake is the go-to drink. Although sake can be found outside of Japan, the quality and variety available for export is nothing compared to what can be found in the coun…

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Halal Food in Tokyo

If you’re sitting in your luxury apartment in Tokyo and wondering if there’s good Middle Eastern food here or else follow the halal diet and are moving to Tokyo, you might wonder if you will be able to find restaurants and grocery stores that cater to your needs. If so, you need not worry. Tokyo is…

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Best Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo

Over the past few years, the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo has been increasing. From casual to fancy, here are some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tokyo. Many of these restaurants use organic vegetables however, if you would like to be sure, please check each…

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Japanese Cooking Classes in Tokyo: Learn How to Cook Japanese Food

No Japanese, no problem—there are a wide variety of English-friendly cooking classes available throughout Tokyo that can teach you how to make all your favorite Japanese foods, from sushi and ramen to traditional home-cooked meals. General Cooking Classes in Tokyo If you want to make sushi, or any…

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Azabu-Juban Michelin Star Restaurants: Dine at Some of Tokyo’s Best

The Michelin Guide has become synonymous with fine dining across the world. Given its French origins, you might expect Paris to host the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Actually, the record is held by Tokyo. With 230 such restaurants and 13 three-star restaurants as of 2019, Japan’s capital is a…

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Sushi in Akasaka: Don’t Miss Some of Tokyo’s Hidden Gems

Akasaka is one of the greatest business hubs in downtown Tokyo. With many salarymen and women out late for work, an excellent gourmet scene has sprouted, making Akasaka one of the most underrated places to live and dine in downtown Tokyo. Why is Akasaka a Great Place to Eat? Years of international…

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English-Friendly Food Delivery Options in Tokyo

Tokyo is known internationally for being one of the most popular and varied food cities in the world. But in a time of overworked business-people rushing to get home and increased considerations for social distancing, the city’s many restaurants and cafes have finally begun to fully adopt the idea…

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Tokyo Craft Beer Guide: Good Brews in Hiroo & Azabu-Juban

The cup of the Tokyo craft beer scene runneth over, with breweries of all shapes and sizes starting up, expanding, and improving their line-up of quality craft beers. Whilst Tokyo has its share of microbreweries, there have yet to be any craft breweries in the Hiroo and Azabu-Juban areas. Despite t…

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Eating Out in Japan: Restaurant Guides

While going out and trying different foods at various restaurants is a fun and adventurous approach, using one of the restaurant guides may be a more efficient way to find your dream eatery in Japan. Whether you're in Tokyo, a foodie's paradise with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the wor…

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