Religious Facilities & Information

List of Churches & Mosques in Tokyo, Religious Manners in Japan and more.

Japan's Foreign population is made up of people from all across the world. A major concern for some staying in Japan might be in finding the location of an appropriate religious facility. While they may not be everywhere or easy to find, there are places for worship, religious communities, and facilities in Tokyo for Christian, Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Islamic faiths.

Though the population of Muslims in Tokyo may be small compared with other countries, there are several locations within Tokyo for attending daily prayers and serving halal food. Information provided here also includes Japanese traditional religious manners to follow at shrines and temples as well as at a Japanese funeral ceremony.

We hope the information provided here will be of help to you in your daily life in Tokyo.

Tokyo Mosque and Information for Muslims

If you follow the faith of Islam, Tokyo might not be the first place that comes to mind as having a lot of options for Muslims. Nevertheless, even though the population of Muslims in Tokyo may be small compared to other countries, there are a number of mosques and other organizations and shops that…

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Japanese Funeral Etiquette: Some Helpful Guidelines

Funerals are always a difficult time. Unfortunately, such occurrences are an inevitable part of life in Japan just like everywhere else. Nearly all Japanese funerals, or Ososhiki, are conducted Buddhist-style, regardless of what religion the family practices. Also, almost all involve cremation, to…

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Prayer Offering Manners at Shrines and Temples in Japan

There are many people in Japan who still get confused about what to do when visiting shrines and temples. While the prayers given at a shrine and temple may be similar, they each have their own procedures. We've written a quick and simple explanation on what to do at each place when praying below. …

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Halal Food in Tokyo

If you’re sitting in your luxury apartment in Tokyo and wondering if there’s good Middle Eastern food here or else follow the halal diet and are moving to Tokyo, you might wonder if you will be able to find restaurants and grocery stores that cater to your needs. If so, you need not worry. Tokyo i…

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International Islamic Schools for Muslim Children in Tokyo

Within Tokyo there are a few International Islamic Schools that teach Islamic values in an Islamic environment while using an international curriculum. For people who would like their child to attend a Japanese public school, we have gathered some examples of how schools are able to accommodate Musl…

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