Houses for Sale in Tokyo

A variety of detached houses in Tokyo expat areas

PLAZA HOMES selection of houses from Central Tokyo include Azabu and Hiroo and such suburban locations as Denenchofu. 

A variety of detached houses are available including: houses with gardens, houses meeting some special wants/needs typical of foreigners, etc.

Exterior of Sakuraoka 4-chome House
  • 3
  • 91.54 sq.m.


Exterior of Ebisu 4-chome House
  • 2
  • 86.10 sq.m.


Exterior of Seijo 7-chome House
  • 4
  • 101.78 sq.m.

The house was built by Mitsubishijisho Home, brand called "The Park House Stage". Central heating "Aerotech" maintain comfortable temperature throughout the year. All windows are double-glazing which insulate sound or temperature, humidity etc. from outside, and contribute to power -saving effects. The entrance hall is double floor-heighted ceiling, and the ceiling height in the living/dining area is over 2.6 meters giving the rooms open and bright feeling. Many windows in the house providing good ventilation, and leading pleasant residence. The entrance is facing north, balcony and private garden is facing south, and layout of each room is practical. The spacious private garden allows you to enjoy gardening or BBQ. It is surely quiet residential area with plenty of greenery, while safe and secure neighborhood. Supermarket, or stores are within walking distance.


Exterior of Shimmachi 1-chome House
  • 2
  • 99.20 sq.m.

Located in Shinmachi 1-chome, about a 13-minute walk from Sakura-shinmachi Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line, this two-story residence, built in December 2015, has a wooden deck on the first floor and is surrounded by a high wall, allowing you to enjoy your time outside while maintaining your privacy. The LDK is a spacious 20.5 jyou, and the open kitchen allows you to enjoy conversation while cooking. There is also a 3.5 jyou storage room next to the kitchen, which can be used for various purposes, such as a pantry and storage of goods. There are 2 toilets: one located on the first floor and the other one on the second floor which is also an attractive factor. The inside is re-covered with new cloths and the house has been cleaned. Please come and take a look at this beautiful house.


Exterior of Kyodo 4-chome House
  • 4
  • 187.80 sq.m.

This residence for sale is a house where Japanese and Western style designs are harmonized by custom-made architecture, and comes with a garden whose seasonal plans and flowers can be enjoyed by viewing from the bright and open living room. It is a hard-to-find house near the train station, which offers the wide entrance door, interior design with the warmth of wooden materials, and plenty of storage spaces and functionality.


Exterior of Okura 1-chome House
  • 2
  • 72.28 sq.m.

Located in the north side of Kinuta Park, just beyond Museum Street, along Okura Street.Kinuta Park is one of the most outstanding expanses of lawn in Tokyo. It is marked by a forest of cherry trees and groves of zelkova and oak trees. In spring, cherry blossoms cover the lawn like a mist. This is a popular Asahi Kasei Homes-built Hebel House. The living/dining room is approximately 13 sq.m and has a counter kitchen. There are two bedrooms. One of them is a tatami room. There is a free space and a study room on the ground floor, which can be used for various purposes such as remote work. Remote working is possible. There are also two parking spaces. It will convenient for guests.


Exterior of Kisarazu shi Senzokudai 1-chome House
  • 5
  • 147.46 sq.m.

Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture, the Gate City to the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, is easily accessible by car to central Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Haneda area. Kisarazu Senzokudai is located in the heart of Kisarazu City, on the hilltop with a rich natural environment and natural forests. It is about 20-minute drive to Costco, a popular store in recent years that sells everything from food and daily sundries to clothing, furniture, and home appliances, and it is also about 20-minute drive to Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, which has a wide range of famous manufacturers, brands, and select stores from Japan and overseas. For daily shopping, AEON MALL Kisarazu (about 5 minutes by car) and AEON TOWN Kisarazu Jyouzai (about 4 minutes by car) are also convenient and recommended, providing a living environment with easy access to a variety of stores and complexes for daily life. This property could be ideal not only for families, but also for second homes or for Workcation (Work & Vacation) purposes. Please come and visit Kisarazu Senzokudai, and you will be able to see this place with easy access to the city center and a green living environment with a quality of life. The appeal of this site is its vast area of over 4,000 square meters adjacent to a natural forest. It is a spacious site that can be used not only for gardening or a dog run, but also for business purposes such as a deck terrace with a view on the hilly site taking advantage of the difference in elevation, a small store, or a clinic. The building, located on a large plot of land, is a two-story wooden structure and was built in May 2019. Proceeding through the entrance gate from the property, a covered porch leads to a spacious entrance hall. In addition to the shoe box, there is also a storage space in the entrance hall, which is convenient when you have a lot of luggage etc. At the end of the entrance hall, it continues to Living, Dining and Kitchen area with having approx..24.5 Jo in size. The white-colored based living room faces southwest,


Exterior of Nishi-kasai 8-chome House
  • 2
  • 100.18 sq.m.

The property is located in a quiet residential area in Nishi-Kasai 8-chome. Parks, greenways and tennis courts are in close proximity, creating a lush green living environment. The huge park, Kasai Rinkai Park, with its aquarium, Giant Ferris Wheel and artificial shoreline, is only about 2 km away and is also easily accessible by car. Both Nishi-Kasai and Kasai Stations on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line are within walking distance, making it convenient for dining and shopping around the stations. The large shopping center, Ario Kasai, is about 8 minutes away by car, making it an easy place to live. The building was built in March 2013 and is built to new earthquake-proof standards. The three-story wooden building has a total floor area of over 100 square meters and is a 2SSLDK floor plan type, with two toilets and two DENs (storage rooms) on the first floor that can also be used as bedrooms, making it a layout that can fit a family. There is storage in every room, and storage has also been increased in around 2016 with additional storage in the kitchen, living room and a western-style room on the third floor. The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher and water purifier system, and the bathroom have a bathroom drying function and 24 hours ventilation systems. The open kitchen with counter is spacious, and continues to the living/dining room, having total over 18.8 Jo of Living Dining and Kitchen area. The property has many openings (all windows have screen doors), and the front road is approximately 6 meter wide, providing good sunlight and ventilation, making it easy to park your car. The rooms are clean and in good condition, so we highly recommend viewing the property.


Exterior of Shimouma 5-chome House
  • 6
  • 282.54 sq.m.

A house built in a quiet residential area is two family house structure available for leasing one dwelling unit. Carefully designed luxury interior decoration and bright and spacious living space. A balcony comes with Japanese garden style arrangement, and the unit rooms are filled with a calm atmosphere having the mixture of Japanese and Western design tastes. 1st floor is currently leased out for 320,000JPY per month.


Exterior of Denenchofu 5-chome House
Denenchofu, Kuhonbutsu
  • 4
  • 237.73 sq.m.


Exterior of Nakaikegami 1-chome House
Nakaikegami, Nishi-magome
  • 3
  • 151.99 sq.m.


Exterior of Higashi Ooi 3 chome house
  • 2
  • 72.59 sq.m.


Exterior of Yochomachi House
  • 1
  • 80.17 sq.m.


Exterior of Okubo 2-chome House
Nishi-waseda, Shinokubo
  • 3
  • 70.22 sq.m.


Exterior of Kogaya House
Kanagawa, Yokohama
  • 4
  • 126.89 sq.m.

The property is located within walking distance of Yokohama Station, one of the major terminals, yet in a quiet residential area with abundant nature, surrounded by greenery such as Yukigaya Park, Kanagawa Park, and Tanmachi Park. This detached house with freehold land was newly built in December 1990, as a women's dormitory, but never used, and the current owner purchased it, and has been used as a SOHO residence. Five stations are walkable (Yokohama stn. on the JR and other lines, Tanmachi stn. on the Tokyu Toyoko line, Kanagawa stn. on the Keihin Kyuko Main line, Higashi-Kanagawa stn. on the JR Keihin Tohoku and Yokohama lines, and Keikyu Higashi-Kanagawa stn. on the Keihin Kyuko Main line). Inside the house, the center of the house is an atrium from the basement to the top (third) floor, allowing natural light from the sky to stream in. The interior is a modern taste, such as a steel staircase and frosted glass door partitions and more. Multiple separate rooms ensure privacy, and making it ideal for dormitories, shared house, SOHO etc..


Exterior of Shimomeguro 5-chome House
Meguro, Gakuigei-daigaku
  • 4
  • 108.53 sq.m.


Exterior of Mita 4-chome House
Shirokane-takanawa, Mita
  • 4
  • 97.20 sq.m.

A detached house located in a quiet residential area in Mita 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo is now for sale. It is conveniently located an 8-minute walk from Shirokane-Takanawa Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku and Toei Mita Lines, which is undergoing redevelopment through the construction of high-rise condominiums and other projects. Mita Station on the Toei Mita and Asakusa Lines and Tamachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line are also within walking distance, making multiple train lines accessible. The location has a good living environment, with schools (Mita Elementary School and Mita Junior High School) and a supermarket (Summit Store Mita Store) close by. The building was built in October 2000 complying with new earthquake-proof standards, with a land area of 119.25 m2 (including alleyways) and a total floor area of 97.20 m2/4LDK (with storage in all rooms). The rooms are in good condition, with new renovations completed inside and out in March 2022. Major renovations include: new system kitchen (with dishwasher) and washbasin, new unit bath with reheating function, new toilet with washing function, new water heater, replacement of cloths in all rooms, installation of lighting fixtures in all rooms, etc. There are parking spaces for two cars (depending on the type of car) on the alley-like part of the property. The three-story wooden building has a roof-top balcony with stanning views of Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills. It is recommendable to visit and have a look at the spacious roof top balcony and its view. Please contact us for arranging an internal viewing!


Exterior of Chigasaki, Matsugaoka 2-chome House
  • 4
  • 203.69 sq.m.

Discerning custom-built house full of sunlight. The first floor is ideal for stores, classrooms and offices. 6 minutes by car to Tsujido Beach (about 2.4km). There is parking space.


Exterior of Okamoto 3-chome House
Futako-tamagawa, Okamoto
  • 2
  • 97.27 sq.m.


Exterior of Shimo 4-chome House
Shimo, Akabane
  • 3
  • 75.75 sq.m.

A house in a nature-rich living environment surrounded by water and greenery. It is conveniently located a 3-min walk from Shimo Station on Namboku Line and within a 30-min train ride to Central Tokyo, enabling you to commute to school and work comfortably. JR Akabane Station is 16-min walk away for access to Saikyo Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, and Keihin Tohoku Line, etc. The location is dotted with convenience stores and various restaurants in the neighborhood, and large supermarkets such as Daiei and Seiyu, and a large electronics store such as Yamada Denki are approx. 10-min walk away. From the window on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy the fireworks festival along Arakawa River. You can also enjoy various seasonal nature and events nearby such as cherry blossoms viewing at Asukayama, which is 2 stops from Shimo Station. The inside of the house is bright, airy and clean. Home inspected, and qualified for insurence.


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