Life with Pets in Japan

Information on bringing and having pets in Japan

Bringing a pet from your home country to Japan can be a strenuous task and getting your pet to Japan is only half the battle. The other half will require that you know how to act with your pets as well as what to do and where to go should an emergency arise. 

We have created some easy to understand guides about pet manners & etiquette in Japan along with information on English-speaking animal hospitals in Tokyo.

Vets / Animal Hospitals in Tokyo

If you’ve been in Tokyo for any length of time, you know that pets are popular, in particular, dogs. Of course, along with being pet-crazy, Tokyo has all sorts of animal hospitals and veterinarians to care for those pets when they're sick and not doing well. But, if you don't speak Japanese, this c…

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Pet Manners & Etiquette in Japan - Dog Walking, etc.

For many dog owners, pets are like their own children. If that description fits you, then taking your dog with you almost everywhere you go. Recently, many dog owners with their dogs at places such as restaurants and cafes can be seen out and about. This is a great trend, but only if everyone is a…

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Pet Sitters and Boarding in Tokyo

Although it may be preferable to be with your beloved pet at all times, you may come upon a situation in which the place your are traveling doesn’t allow pets, you are too busy working to come home and take care of them, or perhaps you are hospitalized and unable to make it home. If you need someon…

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Animal Shelters and Nonprofit Organizations around Tokyo

Many people wishing to own pets may prefer not to purchase or adopt them from pet stores due to controversy surrounding their operation. There are many dogs and cats that have been rescued in Japan. Most of the animals have been that have either been surrendered, abused, neglected, or abandoned by…

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Bringing Pets to Japan and Back: A Quick 4-Step Guide

Moving to Japan and bringing your cherished pet with you can’t be that hard, right? The answer to that is, yes and no. On one hand, bringing pets to Japan is a tedious and potentially expensive process. On the other hand, with some planning and enough time to prepare, you can avoid a lot of the mor…

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Renting Property with a Pet in Japan

It is common practice that residential properties in Japan have very strict rules regarding the ownership of pets. These rules are decided and enforced by the building owner and or management. If you would like to have a pet in a rental property or already have a pet that you would like to live wi…

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