Japanese Laws

Information regarding Japanese laws

There may be a situation where you need professional legal advice while living in Japan from. Below we have a list of English-Speaking law firms / attorneys in Tokyo and organizations where you can consult for free in English. These professionals are available for private issues to corporative matters.

Among the articles gathered here, you can also find information on Japanese laws regarding real estate.

Corporate Tokyo Law Firms: English-Speaking Attorneys

Access to timely and competent legal representation is crucial wherever you in the world you happen to reside. However, in countries like Japan, differing legal systems coupled with huge cultural and linguistic barriers, may hinder your ability to get the best possible legal help. Here at PLAZA HOME…

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Land Use Zones under the City Planning Law in Japan

Land Use Zones (用途地域) are areas that are regulated under the City Planning Law (都市計画法) and designates the possible usage of land and properties in that area. This system is to realize an effective placement of buildings in accord with each area environment, avoiding mixed and disorderly land usage s…

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New Laws for Old Buildings

The following article was written by Ziv Nakajima-Magen – Partner & Executive Manager, Asia-Pacific Nippon Tradings International (NTI) The Problem Japanese news outlets have recently reported on a new and revised legislation, to be enacted in 2022, which would apply to the management of apartm…

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Free Consultations in English and Lawyers in Tokyo

If you get into trouble in Japan or have a problem that you would like to solve legally, it would be a big challenge for foreigners who do not speak Japanese. In such a case, please refer to the list of the consultation offices in Tokyo where you can consult in English. There are also organizations…

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Age Restrictions in Japan: Drinking, Smoking, Voting & More

Age matters a lot in Japan. From the earliest school years until a person finds a job and even into retirement, a Japanese person’s age is connected strongly with their status in society. The age of 20, when a person is said to have become an adult, is commemorated in a special celebration called…

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