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Information on Japanese food, how to read food labels, delivery services, and more

Learning to cook Japanese food or dining at a traditional Japanese restaurant may be an unforgettable experience and memory for non-Japanese staying in Japan. Japanese food may however not be what you want to eat every day while living in Japan. You may want to get food from your home country, use a food delivery service for your convenience, or you may require halal food for religious reasons.

Here we have made a list of useful articles including English websites for Japanese Food Recipes, English speaking Food Delivery services, How to read Food Labels in Japan, International Supermarkets, and information for vegetarians, specifically selected within central Tokyo.

Restaurant Etiquette in Japan

From grilled chicken skewers consumed standing in a smoky bar to the finest haute cuisine served course by course by a server clad in a traditional kimono, Japan offers an extensive range of food and dining experiences to fit any budget. However, Japanese restaurant etiquette can vary greatly from…

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Chopstick Etiquette: A Simple Guide from Do's to Taboos

Most people around the world are familiar with chopsticks these days, whether from eating out in a favourite Asian-cuisine restaurant or chowing down on cup noodles at home. But whether you think you've mastered the skill or you've resorted to the two-handed approach, you'll find there's more to lea…

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The 12 Best Craft Beer Bars and Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo's craft beer scene is literally hopping. A wide variety of breweries are producing and serving original and great-tasting beers. Here are 12 of the best craft breweries, bars and restaurants. Let’s refresh ourselves with a look at 12 awesome places to go bottom’s up in Tokyo. The following li…

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Organic Food Stores and Markets in Tokyo

Although there aren’t as many organic stores in Japan as there are in the United States and Europe, the number is gradually increasing. People are becoming more sensitive to how food is grown or raised because it can have a major impact on mental and emotional health. More and more organic superma…

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Eating Out in Japan: Restaurant Guides

While going out and trying different foods at various restaurants is a fun and adventurous approach, using one of the restaurant guides may be a more efficient way to find your dream eatery in Japan. Whether you're in Tokyo, a foodie's paradise with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the wor…

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Azabu-Juban Michelin Star Restaurants: Dine at Some of Tokyo’s Best

The Michelin Guide has become synonymous with fine dining across the world. Given its French origins, you might expect Paris to host the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Actually, the record is held by Tokyo. With 230 such restaurants and 13 three-star restaurants as of 2019, Japan’s capital is a…

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Tokyo Craft Beer Guide: Good Brews in Hiroo & Azabu-Juban

The cup of the Tokyo craft beer scene runneth over, with breweries of all shapes and sizes starting up, expanding, and improving their line-up of quality craft beers. Whilst Tokyo has its share of microbreweries, there have yet to be any craft breweries in the Hiroo and Azabu-Juban areas. Despite t…

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