Halal Food in Tokyo

Poste date: Friday, April 14, 2023

If you’re sitting in your luxury apartment in Tokyo and wondering if there’s good Middle Eastern food here or else follow the halal diet and are moving to Tokyo, you might wonder if you will be able to find restaurants and grocery stores that cater to your needs. If so, you need not worry. Tokyo is a very international city with people from all over the globe living there and an equally wide variety of food from every corner of the planet. As such, there are numerous restaurants that serve halal food and also grocery stores that specialize in food prepared under halal guidelines.

Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

For lists of restaurants serving halal food, please click the links below.

Tokyo Halal Restaurants by byFood

HALAL Groumet Japan

Top 20 Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

Muslim-Friendly Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo

Halal Grocery Stores

Store Address Detail

Nasco Halal Food

Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho, 2-9-3-104

Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho, 2-10-8-101

Nasco offers all sorts of halal foods including meats which they prepare themselves. You can even order halal groceries online from their website.

Gunma Halal Food

Narushima-cho 222-1-2A, Tatebayashi-shi, Gunmaa

Gunma Halal Food has also an online shop.

Shinjuku Halal Food 201 Okayama Business Bldg., 2-9-2, Hyakunin-Cho, Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo A halal Grocery store in Shinjuku located in 2 Min walk from JR Shinookubo Station.

Tokyo Camii Halal Market

1-19 Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Camii Halal Market also has an online shop.

Halal Food Online Stores

You can also find Halal food on Amazon Japan.

Store Detail

Halal Store Japan

Halal Store Japan delivers directly from a Pakistani/Indian restaurant


Halal food delivery from Tokyo

HALAL Said Shop

They are specialized in Halal Food and also has a retail shop in Tokyo (Shinjuku).

Sonali Halal Food

Sonali is one of the largest halal food suppliers in Japan,
offering halal foods from many countries.

Kobe HALAL Food

Kobe HALAL Food also delivers Halal food all over Japan. The retail shop is in Kobe.

Halal Bento

If your company has multiple Muslim employees or others who prefer halal food, the Halal Deli offers a halal bento delivery service. They offer a number of different bento boxes in Malaysian, Turkish, and Japanese styles to suit any taste and will deliver anywhere within Tokyo. You can order online or by fax. This could be a great way to meet the needs of employees who might otherwise have a hard time eating in a Japanese company cafeteria.

Store Detail

Halal Deli

The information site for Bento box delivery service consistent with the precepts of Islam “Halal” correspondence, or “Muslim-friendly”. Good for various international events, sports competitions, and various scenes.

Check each store on the details of the order minimum and the payment method.

Halal Bento Tokyo

It offers Halal Washoku (Japanese food) that Muslims can enjoy through lunch box delivery and catering service.

Freshly made delivery to 23 districts in Tokyo, and Saitama.

(Order at least JPY 30,000, please.)

Halal Inspection and Certification

In many places outside Islamic countries, restaurants and grocery stores that offer halal food have certifications to demonstrate that their food indeed meets the requirements of halal. Japan is no different. The Japan Halal Association and the Islamic Center of Japan both offer halal certifications to companies and restaurants that offer halal products. You can visit the below links to learn more about their certification processes

· Islamic Center of Japan Halal Certification Process

Other Thoughts

This is just scratching the surface of halal food in Tokyo. There are plenty of small Indian, Pakistani, and south-east Asian restaurants of all types that serve halal food. Also, Japan has a long history of vegetarian and seafood cuisine so there is plenty of local fare that is perfectly safe under halal guidelines.; With all these options to choose from, whether you live among the expats in a luxury high-rise apartment in Roppongi or rent a room in cozy back alley in Tokyo’s shitamachi, you will never go hungry in Tokyo.