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Recommended places to visit for foreign residents in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city full of skyscrapers, nature, and steeped in history. The first time you come to Tokyo you may visit Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and the Imperial Palace. While that may make for an event-filled weekend on your first visit to Japan, this barely scratches the surface of things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo has many things to offer for people of all ages and you'll find that being bored in Tokyo is a difficult task. 

Below are guides with recommended places to visit during your stay in Japan. The guides include Art and Science museums, places for families with children, old shopping streets, Japanese gardens, destinations to visit during the summer, and more.

Beat the Summer Heat at One of Tokyo’s Water Parks

If you're looking for some places to go to escape Tokyo’s oppressive summer heat, we've got a few recommendations that'll do the trick. From the luxury high-rise apartments of Roppongi to the quite backstreets of Oji to the north, there are plenty of water parks and pools in the Tokyo metro area th…

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Traditional Japanese Food in Shibuya: Old-School Eats in Young Tokyo

Shibuya is well-known as a hotbed of wild nightlife, but people rarely think about it as having any connection with old, traditional Tokyo. In fact, Shibuya’s central location and former palatial history has earned the neighborhood a legacy of culinary activity for Tokyo’s best and brightest for al…

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Shibuya Station: Trendy Hub of Tokyo's Bustling Metropolis

Shibuya Station has to be one of the most well-known stations amongst tourists for its two main landmarks - the Hachiko statue, and the Shibuya “scramble crossing” that has appeared in countless movies and commercials over the years. The station first opened in 1885 as a stop on the Shinagawa Line,…

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Best Tokyo Barbeque Spots: Sizzling Summer Meateries

Whether it’s a smoky yakiniku restaurant, grilling by a campsite under the stars, or a high-class restaurant, there is nothing better than a summer barbeque with good friends and good food. While in Tokyo, you may want to have your own barbeque experience. Whether you prefer something simple or hig…

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Places for Children in Tokyo - Amusement Parks, Zoo, Aquariums, Cafes, etc.

In the ever-bustling city of Tokyo, there’s no end of options for a family day out — from educational exhibits to amusement parks and outdoor fun. Whether you’re planning on a quick afternoon activity or a full day trip, you will find a wide variety of family-friendly experiences for you to enjoy w…

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All about Tokyo Midtown – Shop, Eat, and get Cultured

If you live in the Roppongi area, you are no doubt familiar with the Roppongi Hills development. If so, you’re also no doubt familiar with Tokyo Midtown, which sits in Akasaka, not far from Roppongi Hills along Gaien Higashi Doori. It is built on 10 hectares of land that previously served as the fo…

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A Brief Guide to Roppongi

Your Ultimate Expat Guide To Roppongi Roppongi, which means “six trees” in English, is located in the Minato Ward of Tokyo. It is known as the most popular enclave for expats living in Japan. With such a big portion of Tokyo’s expat population residing in Roppongi, you can expect much of the area t…

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Roppongi Nightlife: Best Live Music & Art in Tokyo’s Trendy District

Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi district is known as a place of residential towers and office blocks in the daytime, and a popular destination with foreigners out for bars and restaurants in the evening. But there’s more to it than just bright lights and business. It’s also a premiere destination for live…

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Roppongi Station

Whether you live in a luxury expat apartment within a shiny high-rise tower or in a tiny 1k apartment over a mom & pop bar with the sounds of Roppongi Junior High School floating in through your window, those living in the Roppongi Area will pass through  on their way to work. For those new to…

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Roppongi Art Triangle - Art Museum Collective

You may or may not be aware but the Roppongi neighborhood is home to a thriving arts community, and at its center is what is collectively known as the Roppongi Art Triangle. While there are other art displays around Roppongi, the three corners of the Triangle, “the National Art Center, Tokyo”, the…

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