Roppongi Station

Poste date: Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Whether you live in a luxury expat apartment within a shiny high-rise tower or in a tiny 1k apartment over a mom & pop bar with the sounds of Roppongi Junior High School floating in through your window, those living in the Roppongi Area will pass through  on their way to work. For those new to Roppongi or new to Japan, this underground station, not unlike many subway stations in Tokyo, can be confusing with all its different exists.


Roppongi Station is stop H4 on the “Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line” and stop E23 on the “Toei Oedo subway Line”. The station is divided into two sections, one for each of the two train lines that stop there. The Tokyo Metro section (just below Roppongi Doori) is closest to Roppongi Hills, while the Toei Oedo section is close to Tokyo Midtown and Hinokicho Park. 

Exits 4a-b, and 1c provide the most direct access to Roppongi Hills while exit 8 offers the most direct access to Tokyo Midtown.

· 1a – This exit leads to Azabu Police Station.

· 1b – This exit leads to the Roppongi Hills North Tower.

· 1c – This exit leads to the main Roppongi Hills complex but is only accessible until 12:30 am at night and does have an elevator.

· 2 – This exit leads to Roppongi 7-chome and towards Nishi-Azabu 1-chome.

· 3 – This exit leads to Rapiros Roppongi Building and Roppongi 6-chome.

· 4a – This exit leads to Roppongi Intersection.

· 4b – This exit leads to Roppongi Doori and Roppongi 7-chome.

· 5 – This exit leads to Roppongi 3-chome, and the direction of Suntory Hall, Ark Hills, and the Ark Mori Building.

· 6 – This exit leads to the Roppongi police box and Roppongi 2 and 4-chome.

· 7 – This exit leads to the western side of Tokyo Midtown and Hinokicho Park, Akasaka 9-chome, Roppongi 7-chome, towards the Chiyoda Line’s Nogizaka Station and the National Arts Center of Tokyo.

· 8 – This exit leads directly to Tokyo Midtown. 

Where to go from here?

This is just the basics to navigating your way through Roppongi Station. There are plenty of things to do in the Roppongi area. If you are looking for suggestions on things to do, our previous article “A Brief Guide to Roppongi” has some things you can do at Tokyo Midtown or Roppongi Hills. Also, just go exploring! Regardless of where you live in the area, Roppongi is a thriving hub of activity for both work and play and you can certainly find all sorts of things to do if you just step out your front door and walk around.