Shopping in Tokyo

Shops popular among foreign residents, recommended shops

Shopping in Tokyo can be a fun experience when you first arrive. However, when its time to buy things such as clothing, food, or even shoes, things become a bit more complicated. Finding a store with clothing or shoes that fit or finding your favorite food at the store may seem impossible. Luckily, there are stores and shops in Tokyo that can easily accommodate you and your needs.

Below are various shopping destinations in Tokyo to meet your needs such as everyday shopping, buying souvenirs at the time of returning a home country, international supermarkets, online stores selling international groceries, plus-sized clothing and shoe stores for western people, outlet shopping malls, and more.

Bed Size in Japan - Purchasing Bedding & Linen in Japan

Starting a new life in a new country takes a lot of planning. After securing your new home in Tokyo, the next crucial step is ensuring that your living space is equipped with the essentials, especially when it comes to bedding. Many expats opt to leave their bedding, including blankets, sheets, and…

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Online Grocery Shopping in Japan: Great Food Stores

Even if you don’t drive in Japan and the nearest grocery store isn’t within walking distance, shopping for food and daily necessities doesn’t have to be a chore. With the country’s efficient, advanced and reliable door-to-door delivery service - where you can specify the time of delivery and rest a…

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What is MyNaPoint and How to Get ¥20,000 Back with My Number Card

Note: This campaign applies to those who have obtained a MyNumber Card by the end of February 2023 and can apply for MyNumber points until the end of September 2023. Those who have not obtained a MyNumber Card at the current moment are not eligible.   Since the penetration rates of the My number ca…

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Top 10 Places to Shop in Shibuya for Every Need

Shibuya has been one of Japan’s multicultural hotspots for decades. With its central location, iconic landmarks, and wild nightlife, people flock to the neighborhood to work, live, play, and most importantly, shop. Greater Shibuya contains some of the most well-known and desirable neighborhoods in T…

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10 Best Tokyo Flea Markets for Bargain-Hunting

There are many different ways to experience the culture of a foreign place, but nothing gives quite the same insight into local pop culture, history and everyday life as a flea market. Tokyo has plenty such gatherings (known as "furima" in Japanese) on offer, so whether it’s antiques, local fashion…

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Where to Find Tailor-Made Suits in Tokyo

The denizens of the Tokyo metropolis are some of the best-dressed in the world. Regardless of age, people in Japan don’t leave the house looking anything but professional–from school kids in uniform blazers and job-seeking university students in their “new recruit” suits, to office ladies in pencil…

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Where to buy Halloween costumes and decorations in Tokyo

Halloween is coming up very soon. Have you decided your costume for this year? In recent years, Halloween's popularity has clearly increased in Tokyo. People in Tokyo spend a lot of time and money putting together their costumes every year. Streets in Tokyo and shopping malls put up spooky Hallowee…

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International Supermarkets in Tokyo

If you are new to Tokyo, you may have noticed that most Japanese grocery stores and supermarkets have a very limited selection of items that may be common in your home country. As the food labels are usually in Japanese, it can be quite challenging to figure out what a particular food item is if yo…

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9 Home Centers around Tokyo for Your Next DIY Project

From materials and tools to furniture and gardening supplies, here are 9 of the most popular home centers in Tokyo to get your DIY project started.

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Mercari Japan: How to Shop and Order in English

A comprehensive guide to Mercari for English speakers living in Japan. Find out how to order and shop your favorite products on Mercari Japan.

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