What is MyNaPoint and How to Get ¥5,000 Back with My Number Card

Poste date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Since the penetration rates of the My number cards are still low in Japan, the Japanese government has decided to cooperate with cashless payment operators in oder to incentivize people to obtain their My Number Cards. The government is currently running a campaign until the end of March 2021. The campaign is called “My Na Point” and those participating will get up to ¥5,000 back. This campaign is applicable to everyone without any restrictions on income or age.

While there is a brochure explaining the application process in English, you may still run into some obstacles if you do not understand Japanese as as some of the process is only available in Japanese.

What is MyNaPoint?

MyNaPoint is aimed at promoting My Number Cards and the use cashless payment as part of the government’s measures to stimulate consumption. Once you link your My Number Card and a cashless payment service ( e.g. a credit card, transportation IC card such as Suica, or Pasmo, E-money such as PayPay or LINE pay etc.) and charge or shop during the campaign period, you will receive 25% (up to ¥5,000 per person) as points for your chosen cashless payment method.

You will receive the points for the cashless payment method you chose to use. You do not need to carry the My number card itself as it is not required when you shop since it will already be linked to your cashless payment method of choice. The government does not collect or store personal information such as your shopping history.

Who is eligible?

All residents in Japan who have a My Number Card and are using a cashless system are eligible to take part in this promotion. If you still do not have your My Number Card, please read this article. You can apply for My Number Card in English.

What payment of methods are eligible?

You can check which prepaid / credit / IC cards and E-money are eligible in the following link here. Once you link the payment service to your My Number Card, it cannot be changed or cancelled.

How much money you can save?

The return rate of MyNaPoint is 25% of the prepaid (charge) amount or the purchase amount. You can receive up to ¥5,000 (the maximum purchase/charge amount is ¥20,000).

MyNaPoints will not be sent directly to individuals by the Japanese government. The points will added to the linked cashless service and you will be able to use the points with the linked card or cashless method.

The duration of MyNaPoint campaign

The campaign's duration is from September 2020 until March 2021.

How to apply for MyNaPoints

What you need in order to apply for the campaign

1. A “My Number Card”

2. 4-digit password (PIN)
The password is the “4 digit number” which you chose when applying for or receiving your My Number Card.

3. Cashless Payment Service Card / ID code (*May require pre-registration)
*Some payment services require pre-registration to apply for minor points.
Here are the payment services that require pre-registration (Japanese only).

How to apply

By following these instructionsyou can complete most of the application procedure by yourself. However, at certain point if you do not speak/read Japanese, you will most likely need assistance from a Japanese speaker.

To connect your My Number Card with your Cashless payment method of choice, you can apply from a smartphone, PC, or at a designated shop or office. To proceed, you will need your My Number Card and a 4 digit password. Depending on the cashless payment service procedures mayb differ. For more information please check the My Number Card Point website (Japanese only).

Applying by using the app on iPhone or Android

Download the app MyNaPoint and follow this procedure. Your smartphone must be compatible with the app.

Applying by PC

Follow this procedure on your PC. An IC card reader/writer is required.

Applying at a designated shop or office

You can also apply for the MyNaPoint at municipal offices, post offices, convenience stores (multi-copy machine, ATM), mobile shop, etc. There are about 90,000 places in Japan. Please note that some cashless payment operators are not accepting an application from this method.

Please read for further details.

Application for children

For children under the age of 15 years, a legal representative can apply for the MyNaPoint on their behalf.

In general the application requires that the cashless payment method and the My Number belong to the same person. However, a legal representative can link their cashless payment method to the My Number of a person on who’s behalf they are applying for the MyNaPoint system. If a legal representative chooses to link the minor’s My Number to one of their cashless payment methods, please make sure that it is being linked to a cashless payment method that is not already connected to a My Number as you are only able to connect 1 My Number to a single cashless payment method.

How to collect MyNaPoints

With every purchase or charge on the linked card / e-payment method, you will receive the points up to 5,000 points during the campaign period (September 2020 - March 2021) via the selected payment service. Please note that the point redemption period and other details differ between each operator. You can learn all individual service and payment details here. You can spend the collected points in accordence to the payment service you have selected.