Where to buy Halloween costumes and decorations in Tokyo

Poste date: Monday, October 17, 2022

Halloween is coming up very soon. Have you decided your costume for this year? In recent years, Halloween's popularity has clearly increased in Tokyo.

People in Tokyo spend a lot of time and money putting together their costumes every year. Streets in Tokyo and shopping malls put up spooky Halloween decorations during this season to heat up the Halloween atmosphere. Just strolling down the streets of Roppongi, Shibuya and Harajuku can be extremely entertaining as you will witness a crowd of people showing off their impressive costumes.

If you are wondering where to purchase Halloween costumes in Tokyo, here are some recommendations.

Shops for Halloween Costumes and Decorations


Daiso, also known as the famous “100 yen shop” is known for their party goods. If you are planning a Halloween party, this is where you should check for decorations. You will be amazed by how reasonable the products are!

Don Quijote

You will find everything you need to celebrate Halloween including costumes, special makeup, fake eye lashes/ color lens, Halloween candies, and decorations. This is all available in one store. Most of the Don Quijote stores are open 24 hours, making it helpful for last minute Halloween preparations!



Loft is also a large size store full of exciting Halloween goods. Loft will also start selling their Halloween items from late September.


Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands will start selling their Halloween selections from the end of September. Definitely one of the most popular store every year to collect items for Halloween. Tokyu Hands has great variety of makeup kits to decorate your face and body.



Amazon Japan has a great variety of costumes, masks, makeup, decoration, candies, and more! Net shopping is always convenient when the products are sent to your home. If you have not used Amazon Japan yet, please read How to Shop and Order in English on Amazon.


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