Top 10 Places to Shop in Shibuya for Every Need

Poste date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Shibuya has been one of Japan’s multicultural hotspots for decades. With its central location, iconic landmarks, and wild nightlife, people flock to the neighborhood to work, live, play, and most importantly, shop.

Greater Shibuya contains some of the most well-known and desirable neighborhoods in Tokyo; Harajuku, Yoyogi, and Daikanyama, not to mention Ebisu and Omotesando.

Street style and high fashion both make their homes in the boutiques of Shibuya, and several multilevel department stores also have large headquarters in and around Shibuya station.

Shibuya’s incredible array of shops range from tiny streets to giant complexes; so anything you need will always be in reach.


Shibuya’s Best Places to Shop

With the above in mind, we know that Shibuya can leave you almost too spoiled for choice; so with that in mind, we’ve made up a small list of the best shopping destinations in Shibuya, so you can shop with confidence.

Center Gai

Shibuya Center Gai begins at the intersection of the famous Scramble crossing, stretching through several blocks packed with small stores and restaurants. Center-Gai has recently seen an inundation of street fashion, with sneaker outlets like ABC-MART and atmos being the most recognizable. Hundreds of young people flock to this concentrated area on weekends to see and be seen.

Shibuya Hikarie

One of the more upscale of the department stores in the area, Hikarie’s convenient location directly above the station means that it sees thousands of shoppers a month.

Hikarie is well-loved by the modern professional crowd for its well-thought out layout and upscale design that caters to both men and women. With lots of restaurants, boutiques, and even a full Broadway-sized theatre, Hikarie is perfect for a leisurely day away from inclement weather and crowds.

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109 has become a landmark in and of itself. Considered the mecca of young women’s fashion, the loud music and competing sales pitches are as much part of the experience as the clothes themselves.

It’s easy to get lost in the maze of neon, but inside are gems of the still iconic kawaii era. All ten floors of the cylindrical building are filled to the brim with fashionable clothing, curated to make a haven for teenage girls.

Shibuya Mark City

Shibuya Mark City is another of the multi-level department store complexes, on the other side of the station as Hikarie. While it’s somewhat fallen out of fashion as newer, trendier sites pop up, it also is the perfect place to browse and pick up a few fashion essentials without dealing with the intensity and noise that often accompanies Shibuya shopping experiences.


Koen-Dori encompasses a huge area in Shibuya, and many of our other spots on this list are part of its domain. Most notable among the other shops are Tokyu Hands, a multilevel hobby goods and DIY store that is guaranteed to have something a little wild, as well as other more practical wares.

Tower Records also is a strong standout, with its giant yellow facade: one of the last remaining CD/DVD megastores as the internet age takes over. Finally, the wonderful Loft is heaven for any stationary fanatic with racks of folders, shelves of notebooks, and the newest in writing technology.

Spanish Hill

Supeinzaka, or Spanish Hill, is a little side street off of Center-Gai, named for its unusual winding structure and cobblestone street that brings a slightly Andalusian feel to the area. Starting with the five-level Bershka (also a Spanish Import) and finishing up less than 200 meters at Koen Dori, it has several small lingerie stores and other women’s fashion outlets.

While not offering the kind of selection of some of these other spots, it’s a nice quiet place to move away from the Center Gai crowds, with a lovely view of the surrounding area.

Seibu Shibuya

Seibu department stores are all over Tokyo, and Shibuya is no exception. With 8 floors in the massive Seibu building, it’s a great place to buy branded goods that are guaranteed to be genuine, with excellent service as you shop.

Their cosmetics floor is easily accessible from the street level, and the various amenities makes this a pleasant and varied shopping experience for both men and women.


Shibuya Marui is temporarily closed, however is scheduled to open in 2026 as Japan's first full-scale wooden commercial building.


The newly designed MODI is one of Shibuya’s most interesting shopping complexes. One of the flagship “smart malls”, MODI has everything from womens to mens to home goods in a single building.

MODI also features three levels of HMV, a CD/DVD mart that was a former Shibuya staple before it finally shut down in 2010. They also have recently become famous for The Yard, a store inside selling made-to-order kimonos at a very reasonable price.


Magnet, formerly 109 Mens, received its makeover just last year, in 2018. Like MODI, Magnet focused itself on being a hotspot for culture, food, and entertainment as well as fashion (though it remains focused on mostly unisex clothing and menswear). On a sunny day, the converted studio on the rooftop gives an amazing view of Shibuya’s infectious energy below.

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