Useful Daily Living Information

Information on everyday life for foreign residents in Tokyo

If you are not familiar with the local community rules and systems where you are living, you may become overwhelmed by unfamiliar menial tasks in your daily life. By knowing and understanding the ins and outs beforehand, you will be able to navigate daily life in Japan more effectively and comfortably.

Below, we have gathered and assortment of information related to daily life in Japan, in English, covering such topics as how to discard garbage, or how to pay the bills. 

Convenience Store Services in Japan

In one sense, convenience stores or "conbini", as they are known in Japan, are the same anywhere you go in the world. They sell inexpensive toiletries, prepared food items, and miscellaneous goods that you might need. But, Japanese conbini do not stop there. They offer a variety of unique services l…

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Japan Courier Services Combine Convenience, Efficiency and Innovation

Courier services in Japan are second to none, both for efficiency and innovation—ever thought of easily and quickly getting your luggage delivered from the airport or your skis to your resort? In Japan, this is not only possible, but an everyday occurrence. And when it comes to regular parcel delive…

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Opening a Bank Account in Japan

Opening a bank account in Japan for foreigners could be difficult if you don’t speak Japanese however, in this article we introduce banks which offer English services and you can also open an account online. Most Japanese banks are open from 9:00-15:00, Monday to Friday, except for national holida…

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Separation and Disposal of Garbage and Recyclables in Tokyo

Getting your garbage collected in Japan may be very different from your home country. Below are the common ways to sort garbage, prepare it for collection, and the collection schedules in Tokyo’s 23 wards. It may seem complicated at first, but most apartment buildings have large communal bins and o…

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How to use Japanese High-Tech Toilets

Japan is known as a land of extremes, and even in modern-day urban Tokyo, you can find "washiki (Japanese-style, hole-in-the-ground)" toilets, and in extreme contrast, the high-tech toilets of today. Not only are the high-tech "yoshiki (Western-style)" toilets more comfortable, they are also more e…

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Japanese Streaming, Cable and More: Get English TV in Japan

Whether you’re craving nostalgic British dramas, your favorite American talk shows, or Japanese programming in English, look no further than these 9 ways to access English TV in Japan through Japanese streaming, satellite, and cable services. TV Streaming Services in Japan In the last few years,…

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English-Speaking Maid and House Cleaning Services Guide

Between overtime and post-work drinks, being a professional in Tokyo can leave you with precious little time to spare for other tasks like keeping your home in the best possible condition. Of course, when you do have free time, you probably want to explore the city or take a day trip to the mounta…

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Japan Post Office Tips: Finding your Way

Have you ever needed to mail something or pick up a package while living in Japan? Like in most of the rest of the world, Japan has an efficient postal system with 24,000 post offices scattered all over the country to meet mailing needs. The Japanese Postal System also offers a number of financial s…

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Harmful insects in homes – Cockroaches/Gokiburi

You may find roaches in your home especially in summer season. Roaches will gather wherever there is food. They have survived for a long long time as they will eat anything, and they can go almost anywhere by using their flat body. I've found that roaches in Tokyo are small (average 3.5~4.5cm) but…

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Japanese Mosquito Repellents and Medicine to Stop Itching

One unfortunate truth about Japan is that, like any other country, it has bugs that can sometimes get in your home or apartment. Even if you live on the 15th floor of an apartment building, you may still encounter the occasional unwelcome housemate. So, we understand how you feel when you meet a cr…

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