Market rent in Tokyo’s 23 wards by Types of Floor plans

Poste date: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

We have summarized here the market rent of rental apartments and houses in Tokyo’s 23 wards as of March 1, 2023.

Tokyo is known as the area with the most expensive market rent in Japan, but not all the 23 wards have higher market rents than those in the areas outside of Tokyo, and there are considerable differences depending on the ward. The table below shows the market rents for rental housing with typical floor plans.

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Market rent in Tokyo’s 23 wards is on an upward trend. Possible reasons for this include the fact that: with the end of Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people moving into Tokyo has increased over those who have moved out for the first time in 3 years; the prospective housing buyers, who can afford to buy housing, have given up purchases due to the rise in the sale price of condominiums, etc. and have started to choose rental housing; and the maintenance cost of the housing property has risen due to various prices on the rise.

Market rent in Tokyo’s 23 wards by Types of Floor plans

  1R~1K 1DK~2DK 2LDK~3DK 3LDK~4DK 4LDK-
Chiyoda-Ku 114,100 JPY 226,900 JPY 373,900 JPY 598,200 JPY -
Chuo-ku 109,400 JPY 173,400 JPY 261,500 JPY 348,700 JPY 401,800 JPY
Minato-ku 122,000 JPY 215,800 JPY 401,300 JPY 617,800 JPY 1,318,000 JPY
Shinjuiku-ku 90,800 JPY 163,900 JPY 281,500 JPY 349,800 JPY 750,700 JPY
Bunkyo-Ku 84,200 JPY 149,900 JPY 223,800 JPY 285,800 JPY 456,800 JPY
Taito-Ku 88,400 JPY 135,100 JPY 214,000 JPY 253,900 JPY 301,900 JPY
Sumida-Ku 82,500 JPY 125,300 JPY 178,200 JPY 186,700 JPY 242,000 JPY
Koto-Ku 89,400 JPY 119,400 JPY 209,400 JPY 237,000 JPY 238,800 JPY
Shinagawa-Ku 89,100 JPY 148,700 JPY 301,200 JPY 388,600 JPY 1,357,600 JPY
Meguro-Ku 90,200 JPY 156,500 JPY 281,900 JPY 357,200 JPY 512,600 JPY
Ota-Ku 75,100 JPY 111,400 JPY 169,800 JPY 218,000 JPY 319,000 JPY
Setagaya-Ku 75,200 JPY 123,700 JPY 187,800 JPY 264,800 JPY 411,100 JPY
Shibuya-Ku 101,140 JPY 194,300 JPY 352,200 JPY 615,900 JPY 1,303,700 JPY
Nakano-Ku 73.700 JPY 124,500 JPY 194,500 JPY 220,400 JPY 261,800 JPY
Suginami-Ku 71,100 JPY 116,100 JPY 179,900 JPY 236,400 JPY 324,300 JPY
Toshima-Ku 81,000 JPY 129,600 JPY 206,200 JPY 232,800 JPY 328,000 JPY
Kita-Ku 73,500 JPY 110,200 JPY 174,400 JPY 196,700 JPY 249,000 JPY
Arakawa-Ku 72,800 JPY 102,600 JPY 187,000 JPY 200,900 JPY 224,500 JPY
Itabashi-Ku 68,300 JPY 105,100 JPY 146,500 JPY 177,400 JPY 238,500 JPY
Nerima-Ku 66,500 JPY 102,300 JPY 128,700 JPY 162,000 JPY 210,500 JPY
Adachi-Ku 64,600 JPY 89,700 JPY 119,800 JPY 152,300 JPY 191,900 JPY
Katsushika-Ku 78,500 JPY 63,600 JPY 129,000 JPY 168,100 JPY 195,800 JPY
Edogawa-Ku 64,200 JPY 86,500 JPY 120,400 JPY 149,200 JPY 183,300 JPY

Data:At Home Co.,Ltd.

Trend of Market Rent in Tokyo

Chiyoda-Ku, Chuo-Ku, and Minato-Ku, which is known as the 3 wards in central Tokyo, and Shibuya-Ku, where redevelopment is still underway, have very high demands as attractive destinations of offices, commercial areas, and residences with higher market rents. Looking at the floor plans of 2LDK to 3DK, the difference between Minato-Ku, which has the most expensive market rent, and Adachi-Ku, which has the most inexpensive one, is 281,500 JPY, and the former value is about 3.3 times as much as the latter one.

The average rent varies depending on the ward, but even within the same ward, the rent varies depending on “the proximity to the nearest station and the age of the building”, “whether the nearest station is served by multiple train lines”, or “whether the express train stops at the station”. In addition to the 3 wards in central Tokyo, the following areas, which are called high-class residential areas lined with luxury residences, also tend to have higher market rents.

Ota-Ku Den-en-chofu, Setagaya-Ku Seijo, Meguro-Ku Aobadai, Shinagawa-Ku Ikedayama, Shinagawa-Ku Shimazuyama

Exterior of Brillia Takanawa REFIR
Sale Property tag

Brillia Takanawa REFIR is a five-story condominium completed in January 2020. The property is located in a quiet residential area, with streets to the north, east, and south providing a sense of openness, and many embassies of various countries are located in the neighborhood. The entrance is located on the northeast corner, with large stone pillars that stand out. The lobby lounge is furnished with a luxurious reception set, creating a luxurious space and providing a relaxing atmosphere for residents. The basement is equipped with a storage room, and the common corridor is an inner corridor like a hotel. Brillia Takanawa REFIR is a 9-minute walk from Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line.

JPY 421,800,000

Sale Property tag

Landmark 39-story tower condominium. Sold by Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd. and Completed by Taisei Corporation. .It provides residents as “Club Member” with high grade hotel-like services. The services are thorough and impressive including front desk services such as reservations of restaurants and any tickets, a valet parking and porter service of putting cars in and out, 24 hours room services, housekeeping services, etc. Public facilities are also provided such as Entrance Lounge and Fitness Gym available 24 hours and free of charge, paid and reserved Guest Suites and Sky Lounge, etc. Dwelling units are from 1R to 3LDK for wide range of dwelling plans from single to family with children supporting the premium living of the big city.

JPY 147,000,000

Exterior of World City Towers Capital Tower
Sale Property tag

'World City Towers.'' As high-end condominium complex, it is Japan’s largest project. Supermarket, banks, nursery and other ample services for residents in the complex. Shuttle bus to Shinagawa Station. Sky view lounge. Fitness center.

JPY 240,000,000

Exterior of Asahi Emblem Shirokanedai
Sale Property tag

A 4-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station, this 7-story condominium was built in 1997 and is located in a quiet residential area on the hill. The surrounding area is rich in greenery, with the Nature Education Garden and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum within walking distance, allowing residents to enjoy strolling around on weekends.

JPY 117,900,000 - 148,000,000

Exterior of Capital Mark Tower
Sale Property tag

Capital Mark Tower, vibration-controlled 47 storied with 1 basement levels structure, total number of the units 869, was completed in October 2007, developed by 4 companies including Tokyu and Mitsubishi, and built by Kajima. This high-rising condominium is located 8min walk from Tamachi stn. on JR lines, and 9min walk from Mita stn. on subway Toei Mita line. There are ongoing redevelopment project surround Tamachi and Shinagawa area, and office / commercial complex buildings and residential high-rise condominiums to be completed. ◆Full common facilities that big community can ooffer◆ Concierge service, and 24-hour manned security management. Security system Guest room with Jacuzzi (25F) Capital Sky Lounge (24/ 25F)  Fitness room (2F) Garden Lounge (2F) Party room (2F) Kids' room (2F) AV theatre (2F) Convenience store (2F) Dust stations on each floor (24h rubbish disposal) Delivery boxes Pets friendly Carriage porch

JPY 219,800,000