Relocation Services in Tokyo

Living support assistance for foreigners relocating to Japan

For newly arriving expats and diplomats, PLAZA HOMES offers full support as your housing agent and also as a friendly guide to help make the relocation process to Japan as smooth and comfortable as possible.

PLAZA HOMES Living Information

Living Guides on our Website

We provide a wide range of living information for foreign residents. Useful tips for the times during your pre-assignment, while settling in, and while living in Japan.

Living Guide for Expats

Relocation Support Booklet

We provide these carefully curated booklets to expats who are relocating to Japan for the first time. These booklets contain an abundance of information on topics for daily life in Tokyo, including child education, medical information, fitness, places to go in Tokyo, events, Japanese culture, and more.

Safety Measures

Emergency Preparations

We here at PLAZA HOMES think it is of the utmost importance that our foreign customers are able to live safely in Japan. To aid our customers in their preparations for unexpected events, we have made detailed guides about preparing for natural disasters. Topics we cover are earthquakes and typhoons, what to do in the event of a sudden sickness, and the locations of evacuation sites nearest your home.

Earthquake Resistant Properties

Here we feature a large number of listing of apartments & houses in Tokyo constructed with a higher than average tolerance against earthquakes.

Earthquake proof rental properties in Tokyo

Relocation Services

Relocation Support Services for Expats

Working together with ALL JAPAN RELOCATION, a company specializing in helping foreigners relocate to Japan, we provide various services to assist our foreign customers in living comfortably in Japan without inconvenience.

  • Pre-Assignment Service

  • Settling-in Service

  • Service While in Japan

  • Departure Service

  • Optional Services

In addition, upon request we are pleased to assist you in numerous ways of simplifying your life such as: obtaining visas and driving licenses, renting furniture, managing company housing program, arranging transportation to and from the airport, and more.

All Japan Relocation Website