Real Estate Guide 

These articles contain information about real estate sales and purchases and are for those who are considering buying real estate in Japan. Topics covered include things to be careful of when choosing a property, what Japanese apartments are like, insurance for buildings, and more. We’ve written these articles in an easy-to-understand manner for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese business practices.

Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill

Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill In the early hours of March 26, the Japanese government enacted a new bill (Land Use Restriction Bill) tightening regulations on the the acquisition and usage of land around Self-Defense Forces bases, nuclear plants, and remote islands that are adjacent to the…

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Architecture Firms / Architects in Japan

We have many requests from foreign customers who want to buy lands and build houses on them, rebuild old houses, renovate preowned condominiums in Japan. We find, however, that many foreigners are worried about communication in Japanese and are not able to convey the desired image and design well.…

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Taxes and Expenses after acquiring Real Estate in Japan

When you purchase real estate in Japan such as your own home or an income-generation property, there are taxes and miscellaneous expenses that you have to pay after your purchase or throughout the period of your ownership. We here provide a guidance on taxes and expenses after your purchasing real…

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Insurance for Flood Disaster (water damage) caused by heavy rain, typhoons, and others

Over the past few years, large-scale flood damages have frequently occurred in various parts of Japan due to typhoons and local heavy rains. Almost every year in some part of Japan there is heavy rainfall the likes of which is only seen once every few decades and due to this heavy rainfall, the ri…

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Online Support for Real Estate Purchases by Foreigners not residing in Japan

For foreigners wanting to purchase real estate property in Japan–but do not live in Japan–it can be very difficult to deal with the various procedures required to purchase property within the period of their stay in Japan. Such procedures include the previewing of properties (houses), applying for t…

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Capital Gains Tax when Selling Property in Japan

Here we would like to provide some guidance regarding what taxes are involved when selling your real estate property in Japan. When you have income from selling a real estate property–which is called “capital gains”–a national and local (inhabitant) income tax may be imposed on it. These taxation r…

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English-speaking Realtors and Real Estate Professionals in Japan

We would like to introduce you to some English-speaking real estate agents and professionals located throughout Japan. When conducting a real estate transaction, it is often said that you should work with a real estate agent from the location of the property if possible. A local real estate agent w…

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Foreigner’s Inheritance Measures - 6 Advantages to making a will in Japan

These days, more and more foreigners are becoming owners of real estate property in Japan. If they have Japanese spouses, their spouses may have explained to them how the inheritance system in Japan works. However, as most foreign owners bought their real estate properties in Japan not to use as t…

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The Services Provided by Judicial Scriveners in Japan

A judicial scrivener is a legal professional who assists clients with real estate registration procedures, and provides other various services for representing clients during real estate transactions. Keeping a close contact with our everyday life, a judicial scrivener’s role is to protect the prope…

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All About Japanese Hanko/Inkan

If you are a foreigner who is planning to live in Japan for a while, you will probably have to set up a bank account and apply for a phone and public utilities. When you sign an application form, you may notice that the space to sign is really small. The reason for this is that when a person "signs"…

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