Living in Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka

Guide to Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka, a popular expat residential areas in Tokyo.

The area around Denenchofu Station on Tokyu-Tokyoko/Tokyu-Meguro Line and the area around Jiyugaoka Station on Tokyu-Toyoko/Tokyu-Oimachi Line.

Addresses: Denenchofu, Denenchofu-Honcho(Ota-ku), Tamagawa-Denenchofu, Higashi-Tamagawa, Oyamadai(Setagaya-ku), Jiyugaoka, Midorigaoka, Nakane(Meguro-ku).

Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka Area Overview

Den-en-chofu is Japan’s best-known high-class residential town and first garden suburb town to provide housing ideal for upscale commuters. In the west side of Den-en-chofu Station where Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyu Meguro Line stop, there lies low-rise housings lined along the radially arranged roads making a beautiful townscape. It was planned as the first garden town in Japan with parks and roadside trees together with abundant greenery along the Tama River flowing nearby combine to create a rich and attractive living environment. As the school bus to the German school in Yokohama arrives and departs at Den-en-chofu Station, the area is highly recommended for German families with children and there are many luxury rental apartments for expats.

Around Jiyugaoka Station, where the Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyu Oimachi Line stop, are popular commercial areas with a variety of stores, sweets shops, and cafes. Located only a block away from this area are quiet low-rise residential areas. Along widely sloping roads to the south with plenty of sunlight, residences with spacious grounds are lined orderly along the roads representing Jiyugaoka’s high class residential side. The town is very popular for its colorful townscape surrounding the station, its convenience for living, and its easy transportation access to Central Tokyo.

Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka Information

Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka Map