These articles contain information about legal experts in Japan (judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, attorneys) who handle real estate registration, company establishment, inheritance, conciliation of civil affairs, etc…

English-Speaking Accounting & Consulting Firms in Tokyo

We have compiled a list of accounting firms in Tokyo that, while each providing a wide range of differing financial services, do have at least one important thing in common: They all deal with foreign individuals and/or foreign firms on a regular basis.

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What is Renunciation of Inheritance? About the deadlines and procedures

There are 3 types of “inheritance” methods in Japan, which are unconditional acceptance, limited acceptance, and renunciation of inheritance. Here is an explanation about renunciation of inheritance.   Unconditional acceptance: To inherit all the rights and obligations of an ancestor, which mean…

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Amendment of Japan’s Real Property Registration Act

To make inheritance registration of land ownership and change of owner address become mandatory in Japan  Registration of inheritance and change of address of real estate ownership will be mandatory (to be enforced by 2024). After the amendment is in effect, failure to do such duties without good…

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Foreigner’s Inheritance Measures - 6 Advantages to making a will in Japan

These days, more and more foreigners are becoming owners of real estate property in Japan. If they have Japanese spouses, their spouses may have explained to them how the inheritance system in Japan works. However, as most foreign owners bought their real estate properties in Japan not to use as t…

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The Services Provided by Judicial Scriveners in Japan

A judicial scrivener is a legal professional who assists clients with real estate registration procedures, and provides other various services for representing clients during real estate transactions. Keeping a close contact with our everyday life, a judicial scrivener’s role is to protect the pro…

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