Rental Properties

Here are rental properties that are desirable to foreigners, lcoated in popular high-end residential areas, our recommended lease properties, and more. 

Salon for Rent in Higashiazabu

“Higashi-Azabu, Minato-Ku” is an area with lush greenery located in Central Tokyo, with a feeling of closeness to Tokyo Tower. The area has an international atmosphere as it is not only home to many foreign residents of various nationalities but also the location of the Embassy of Russia and the To…

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The Jonan Gozan - 5 hilltop brand residential areas in Tokyo

The Jonan Gozan (go= five, zan= mountain) is a term used to define the 5 hilltop areas in the Jonan (Jo= castle, nan= south) district of Tokyo - the area from Meguro Station to Shinagawa Station. The 5 mountains are respectively: Ikedayama, Gotenyama, Shimazuyama, Hanabusayama, and Yatsuyama. Each…

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Brand-new Condominium Park Mansion Mita-tsunamachi The Forest

Mitsui Fudosan proudly introduces one of the most luxurious brands, “Park Mansion”. The property is located on a hilltop known as “Mita Tsunamachi” in Mita 2-chome, Minato-ku. Location In the area, many large residences such as the Prime Minister’s residence, embassies, etc., have stood since…

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Expat Housing in Tokyo

Moving to Tokyo as a foreign expat takes a lot of work to find a house and get settled. Navigating the process of securing long-term rental housing in Tokyo involves a series of tasks, from property selection and area orientation to coordinating with movers, completing registrations, and managing…

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The Quality of Homat Series Apartments in Tokyo

Kowa Real Estate created and constructed Homat brand apartments especially for foreign company executives and diplomats residing in central Tokyo. Homat rental apartments have grown significantly since 1965, mostly in and around central Tokyo in places like Hiroo, Azabu, Akasaka, and Roppongi. The…

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