These articles contain information that will be useful for those wanting to invest in real estate in Japan. Here we explain how to choose an investment property, how to manage an investment property, things to be careful of when managing assets, real estate market information, and income taxes for non-residents in Japan.

Webinar Announcement: "How to Sell Your Home in Japan - Whether You're Living in Japan or Overseas"

On January 15 (Saturday), 2022 at 11:00 AM, Kenji Kubo of PLAZA HOMES, Ltd. will give a talk on "How to Sell Your Home in Japan - Whether You're Living in Japan or Overseas" at an online seminar hosted by Real Estate Japan. Content of the Lecture PLAZA HOMES  ・When is the best time to sell…

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Selling property in Japan as a foreigner

In Japan, foreigners can buy and sell real estate, and the procedures and taxes imposed on such selling and buying are not very different from those of Japanese people. In recent years, the number of real estate sales transactions by foreigners, including overseas investors, has been increasing, s…

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Seminar - Buying and Selling Real Estate for Foreigners in Japan

PLAZA HOMES presented a lecture on "Buying and Selling Real Estate for Foreigners in Japan" at Expat Expo Tokyo 2021. The presentation covers topics such as buying a property in Japan, mortgages, popular areas, taxes, and comparisons with renting.   For Foreigners, How to Buy / Sell Real Esta…

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Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill

Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill In the early hours of March 26, the Japanese government enacted a new bill (Land Use Restriction Bill) tightening regulations on the the acquisition and usage of land around Self-Defense Forces bases, nuclear plants, and remote islands that are adjacent to t…

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Taxes and Expenses after acquiring Real Estate in Japan

When you purchase real estate in Japan such as your own home or an income-generation property, there are taxes and miscellaneous expenses that you have to pay after your purchase or throughout the period of your ownership. We here provide a guidance on taxes and expenses after your purchasing real…

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Insurance for Flood Disaster (water damage) caused by heavy rain, typhoons, and others

Over the past few years, large-scale flood damages have frequently occurred in various parts of Japan due to typhoons and local heavy rains. Almost every year in some part of Japan there is heavy rainfall the likes of which is only seen once every few decades and due to this heavy rainfall, the ri…

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How to rent out a residential property – Long-term vs short-term vs minpaku

There are various lease methods in Japan for managing a real estate property (a house and an apartment room) for investment. These methods include a short-term lease called minpaku (lodging at a private residence for example Airbnb/Vacation Rentals), weekly apartments, monthly apartments, a long-t…

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What to do if I can't find a tenant?

The following article was written by Ziv Nakajima-Magen – Partner & Executive Manager, Asia-Pacific Nippon Tradings International (NTI) The Income Stream Paradigm Investment properties are, generally, only as good as the rental income they generate. Sure, there are speculative markets and s…

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My Tenant Died In My Property

The following article was written by Ziv Nakajima-Magen – Partner & Executive Manager, Asia-Pacific Nippon Tradings International (NTI) When Tenants Become Sick or Die While Japanese tenants, from a landlord perspective, are normally extremely docile and headache free, and while tenancies ar…

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Online Support for Real Estate Purchases by Foreigners not residing in Japan

For foreigners wanting to purchase real estate property in Japan–but do not live in Japan–it can be very difficult to deal with the various procedures required to purchase property within the period of their stay in Japan. Such procedures include the previewing of properties (houses), applying for…

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