Luxury Residential Areas in Tokyo – Branded dream areas to live in

Post date: Monday, January 28, 2019

High class residential areas in uptown Tokyo such as Hiroo, Azabu, Shoto, Akasaka, and Takanawadai are known throughout Japan as prestigious areas within Tokyo. A common feature among most of these areas is being located at the top of hills–in the center of Tokyo–with nice views in quiet living environments. These areas are lined with low-rise luxury condos creating a refined upper class atmosphere.

This area is home to many luxury rental apartments, large houses (with spacious grounds), and luxury condos that were designed to attract foreign executives and their families.

Inside the Yamanote Line

The phrase "Inside the Yamaonte Line" gives Japanese people the immediate image of wealth, a place where celebrities live, and a prime location within Central Tokyo.

Originally, many Daimyo's (upper class samurai lords) residences were built around the Edo Castle (residence of the Shogun during the Edo period, currently the Imperial Palace), and many of these old high class residential areas still exist inside the Yamanote Line.

Historically hill top areas were home to upper class samurais and Daimyos–who had residences on more spacious grounds on the hill tops–which were easy to protect in the event of an attack. During the Meiji era these areas became known as places where the residences of noble families, foreign embassies, universities, government offices, large hospitals, and others could be found.


Within the Hiroo area one can easily find many stylish cafes and restaurants. This area is also home to the embassies of various countries and the surrounding neighborhoods have many foreign residents as well. Since the end of Edo period, an international atmosphere formed in the area due to the surrounding foreign embassies built here as well as from geographical reasons. Stretching all the way back to the Meiji Restoration, due to its history of being the residential location for royal families and noble families, Hiroo's reputation as a high class residential area has been well established.
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Akasaka is home to Tokyo's most well-known hotels and has its business areas adjacent to government offices. Larege hotel-like luxury tower condos are also concentrated in this area. Taking one step away from the busy streets, will take you to a quiet high-class residential area such as Akasaka Hikawacho.
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The Azabu address name in Minato-ku includes the areas of Minami-Azabu, Nishi-Azabu, Higashi-Azabu, Moto-Azabu, Azabujuban, Azabu-Nagasakacho, and Azabudai. Azabujuban Shopping Street is a popular spot in Minato-ku with its mixture of a traditional atmosphere and shops selling the latest trends. Moto-Azabu is a quiet, high class residential area with an atmosphere of refined elegance.
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Along Aoyama Dori Street and Kotto Dori Street are fashionable shops and cafes that provide a stylish atmosphere for the whole town. This area has lush greenery and neighbors Shibuya, Omotesando, and Akasaka.
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Shirokane is a residential area with many Low-rise buildings surrounded with lush greenery in Central Tokyo. Shirokane's high class residential area spreads out from behind Platinum Street.
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Along the Yamanote Line

"Along the Yamanote Line" refers to the areas that are within walking distance of any station on the Yamanote Line and is an important standard for those seeking the convenience of living and quality of a location.

Tokyo's government offices and business districts are concentrated inside and along the Yamanote Line. The Yamanote Line has many terminal stations such as Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Ueno, which connect it to multiple train lines going to Tokyo suburbs and local cities. Due to its convenience of transportation, a location along the Yamanote Line has been valued as a place of worth since old days.


Shoto is a quiet area within walking distance from Shibuya Station that is lined with luxury residences.
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Takanawa, Mita

This high class residential area is dotted with old luxury residences and neighbors Shinagawa, Tamachi, and Azabujuban.
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Jonan Gozan Areas

The Jonan Gozan areas are the areas around the stations from Meguro to Shinagawa on the Yamanote Line and are well-known as high class residential areas located on the tops hills.

High Class Residential Areas in Tokyo's Suburbs


Denenchofu was first developed as a high class residential area during the Taisho era. Since the sales of lots in 1922, it has been a highly desired place to live in.
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This western-style house with the structure of conventional construction method is located in a high-class residential area of Shoto. It features a carefully designed interior arrangements to the details that include fine furniture and auto-locking entrance door with SECOM fingerprint verification (requires a separate contract). It comes with a tea room with tatami mats, where you can feet the history of the Shoto area which used to be a tea garden.

JPY 1,100,000/month

Located in a mid-point between Shibuya and Daikanyama. It is a luxurious apartment built with a seismic isolation structure, which stands peacefully in the 11,000sq.m large premise where many seasonal trees and plants grow.

JPY 294,000 - 375,000/month

A landmark residence in 'Jjinnan' community. High-rise architecture of innovative design. Quality residential support is its symbolic element. 24-hour home security service. Manned reception service.

JPY 269,000 - 380,000/month

Exterior of Grand Hills Motoazabu 4F
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This ‘Grand Hills’ branded low-rise condominium apartment, formerly sold by Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., stands in the hilltop location of Moto-Azabu 3-chome. The location is convenient for daily life and in a peaceful living environment, within a 4-min walk of Azabu-juban Station on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Oedo Line, and a 13-min walk of Roppongi Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.The unit for sale comes with the 3 windows in the south, east, and west having plenty of sunlight and good ventilation. It offers double-bowl vanity, 2 toilets, floor heating in Living room, Dining room, master bedroom, and vanity room. All the rooms come with built-in air conditioners. A comfortable living space is realized with a spacious room layout and abundant storage spaces. The unit also comes with a one-car exclusive-use parking space (JPY50,000/month) and an exclusive-use bicycle parking storage (JPY2500/month).


Exterior of Minamiaoyama Takagicho Heights 11F
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‘Minami Aoyama Takagicho Heights’ is an orange tiled apartment built in August 1976, which comes with a steel reinforced concrete structure, 11 floors above ground and 1 basement, and a total of 40 units. It is located in ‘Minami-Aoyama 7-chome, Minato-ku’, where ‘Aoyama-dori Avenue’ and ‘Kotto-dori Street’ lined with stylish shops are close by, and popular areas such as Omotesando, Roppongi, Hiroo, Ebisu, and Daikanyama can be within your daily living area.The unit for sale is on the 11th floor of the 11-story apartment, which is the only unit on the floor to secure privacy. It is a spacious 3SLDK type unit with the exclusive area of abt.168m2, a family bathroom, a shower room, and 2 toilets as well. The large roof balcony is connected from the living and dining room to give you a sense of depth. The apartment building is located on the hilltop, so the unit comes with a good view in the south direction, plenty of sunlight, and good ventilation. It was fully renovated in 2007, but we recommend that you make a new renovation according to your preference (renovation cost is required separately). It also comes with a parking space for a high-roof vehicle (ownership). It is currently vacant, and we are accepting a request for your visit any time. Please enjoy a good view from the roof balcony.


Exterior of Olympiad AZABU-KASUMIZAKA 4F
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Olympiad Azabu Kasumizaka was built in July 2000 by Shimizu Corporation and sold by Olympia Industries. Olympiad Azabu Kasumizaka is located in Nishi Azabu 3-chome, Minato-ku, within walking distance to Hiroo, Roppongi, and Aoyama. The building is located just off the Nishi Azabu intersection, one street away from Roppongi Street. The building is a 14-story building with one basement level. The building has a total of 73 units and is designed with hotel-like interior corridors. The building is currently undergoing large-scale repair work, scheduled to be completed in June 2021.The unit is on the 4th floor of a 14-story building, and is a southeast corner room with good sunlight and ventilation. The balcony overlooks Roppongi Hills and has an excellent view. It has a private area of 72.07sq.m and is 2BR with a spacious walk-in closet and shoe closet, providing ample storage space. The room has been completely renovated, including the kitchen, bathroom, washroom, and toilet. The renovation is scheduled to be completed in mid-July 2021, but you are welcome to view the property during the renovation.