Living in Tokyo Bay Area

The Tokyo Bay area includes the popular waterfront areas around the Tokyo Bay including Shinagawa, Konan, Shibaura, Kachidoki, Tsukishima, Tsukuda, Toyosu, Ariake, Shinonome, and Daiba.

In the Tokyo Bay Area, large shopping and amusement facilities were built one after another in turn attracting many tourists and visitors to the area. The Tokyo Bay Area has well-developed infrastructures, good living environments, and a reputation as desirable places to live. The townscape is made up of spacious land blocks existing harmoniously with the surrounding sea, rivers, canals, and urban greenery. The area gives a sense of spaciousness along with an ocean view all while remaining close to central Tokyo. There are many apartments for rent that are popular among foreigners.

Shinagawa, Konan Area

The Shinagawa Konan Area is located on the waterfront of Tokyo Bay and spreads out on the east side of Shinagawa Station. The main allure of the Shinagawa Konan Area is that the location has great scenic views–overlooking Tokyo’s cityscape and the Tokyo Bay–and that Shinagawa Station–the gateway to Central Tokyo–is conveniently located within the daily living area providing the residents with convenient transportation.

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Shibaura, Shiodome Area

The Shibaura and Shiodome Areas are waterfront locations on Tokyo Bay stretching from the area around Hama-rikyu Gardens–on the east side of Hamamatsucho Station–to the area on the east side of Tamachi Station and the north side of Shinagawa Station, all on the same Yamanote Line. Multiple train lines are concentrated in the area such as the JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Monorail, and Yurikamome Line.

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Kachidoki, Harumi Area

The construction of reclaimed land that is the Kachidoki and Harumi areas began in the middle of Meiji era and lasted into the Showa era. The area is located across the Kachidoki Bridge, going along Harumi-dori Street to Tokyo Bay direction from Ginza and Tsukiji. Harumi is an insular area spreading out from the south of the Kachidoki and Tsukishima area.

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Tsukishima, Tsukuda Area

The Tsukishima and Tsukuda areas are located across the Tsukuda-Ohashi Bridge from the Ginza area. These are attractive areas where the new cityscape of many tower apartments coexist with the traditional old downtown atmosphere.

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Toyosu Area

The Toyosu area is convenient for transportation and one of the most popular areas to live in the Tokyo Bay area. It is an attractive town close to Central Tokyo, which was redeveloped to have office buildings, large commercial facilities, and tower apartments in a spacious town block.

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Ariake, Shinonome, Daiba Area

Ariake and Shinonome of Koto-ku, and Daiba of Minato-ku are reclaimed land areas facing the Tokyo Bay. These areas are continuously under development to create new commercial areas.

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