Meguro City (Meguro-ku) Guide for Tokyo Expats

Meguro City Overview

Meguro City has a well-organized and convenient living environment. This popular well developed residential area is located near central Tokyo. Within the city are fashionable shopping towns such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Many educational facilities and universities are scattered throughout the city.

In the northern part of the city are academic areas such as Komaba and Ohashi, as well as high-class residential areas like Aobadai. On the eastern side of Meguro City, there are residential and commercial areas such as Naka-Meguro and Yutenji. At its center are traditionally affluent residential areas such as Himonya and Takaban. To the west are high-class residential areas such as Yakumo and Kakinokizaka. In the south are residential and commercial areas such as Jiyugaoka and Midorigaoka, and academic areas like Ookayama.

Most of Meguro City’s residential areas have developed under the influence of their high-class residential neighbors; Shibuya-ku, Setagaya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, and Ota-ku. With commercial shopping areas along the Tokyu Toyoko line and Tokyu Oimachi line, Meguro City is a very convenient area to live. There are also foreign embassies in the northern and central parts of the city.

Rental Apartments & Houses in Meguro City

Meguro City Living Guide

Once you’ve made plans to move to Meguro City, you will need to get your resident registration at the Meguro City Office. You will have register within 14 days of the date you begin your residency in Meguro City.

Please read and keep bookmarked the Evacuation Information of Meguro City, and other useful information in English.

Garbage collection varies slightly from one area to the next. Guidance on garbage collection in Meguro City can be found here.
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Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA) provides various social opportunities for international exchange through such activities as Japanese cultural experience events and Japanese language classes.

Meguro City Residential Areas