Japanese Culture

Information on Japanese culture, manners, food, martial arts, and more

There are many aspects and customs that are unique to Japanese culture. Traditionally, Japanese culture has many strict rules of etiquette for every situation from interactions between neighbors to how to eat from a bowl depending on its contents and the size of the bowl.

Below we have made some guides that should help you blend in. Some topics covered are business etiquette, praying manners at shrines and temples, and Japanese funeral manners. We also have guides with information for learning, watching, and experiencing Japanese culture and art.

Takarazuka Revue: Follies, Broadway and Vaudeville Combined!

Takarazuka is an onsen town in rural Hyogo Prefecture. Until the second decade of the 20th century, it was the final stop on an unimportant train line owned by Hankyu Railways where visitors were few and reasons to visit even fewer. That was until Hankyu head Ichizo Kobayashi started to employ troup…

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Join a Japanese Pottery Class in Tokyo

Japanese Pottery (Tougei) is popular throughout the world. Arita-yaki, Kutani-yaki, Mashiko-yaki, are just three types of Japanese ceramics. Arita yaki is made in and around the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture. It is known for is elegantly painted designs with colors such as indigo, red, yellow and…

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Tokyo Ninja Experiences: Learn the ways of the Shinobi

Ninjas (also known as shinobi) have gained international fame over the centuries, both within Japan and abroad. Ironically, the very traits of secrecy and stealth that characterized ninjas in the past are what makes them so well known today. While they practiced the arts of combat and inner harmony…

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Onsen Etiquette: 6 Simple Tips on How to Bathe in Japan

Nothing compares to the relaxing properties and cultural experience of visiting a hot spring (Onsen) in Japan. To truly embrace the local lifestyle a trip to an onsen is a highly recommended experience beloved by visitors and new foreign residents alike. There are many types of onsen such as indoor…

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Chopstick Etiquette: A Simple Guide from Do's to Taboos

Most people around the world are familiar with chopsticks these days, whether from eating out in a favourite Asian-cuisine restaurant or chowing down on cup noodles at home. But whether you think you've mastered the skill or you've resorted to the two-handed approach, you'll find there's more to lea…

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Nengajo – New Year’s Cards

Every year in late December the Japanese postal system is inundated with colorful post cards crisscrossing the country. These are 年賀状 (Nengajo) or New Year’s cards. Similarly to the way many westerners send Christmas cards to family and friends, Japanese people send nengajo to friends and family, co…

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Japanese Gardens in Tokyo – Nihon Teien

Tokyo is home to more than a few traditional Japanese gardens (Nihon Teien) that are ideal places to experience a moment of Zen or find some peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Depending on the style of garden, you may find a small "Karesansui" (dry landscape) or "Sekitei" (sto…

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10 Top Tokyo Festivals to Satisfy Your Cultural Craving

One of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Japan is the many festivals that take place throughout the year, often distinct to an area or region. Tokyo is no exception, with a number of unique festivals ranging from religious parades where people carry shrines, to the enormous dance festivals of…

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Japanese Funeral Etiquette: Some Helpful Guidelines

Funerals are always a difficult time. Unfortunately, such occurrences are an inevitable part of life in Japan just like everywhere else. Nearly all Japanese funerals, or Ososhiki, are conducted Buddhist-style, regardless of what religion the family practices. Also, almost all involve cremation, t…

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Learning Japanese Martial Arts – Karate, Judo and Kendo

Many countries around the world have their own forms of martial arts. Japan in this respect is no different. The most well-known forms of martial arts originating in Japan are Karate, Kendo, Judo, and Aikido. Each of these different forms of martial arts have different philosophies and goals that…

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