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These properties are located in the area around Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line.

Addresses include: Roppongi, Nishiazabu, Akasaka, Motoazabu, and Azabu-Nagasakacho (all located in Minato-Ku).

Centered around Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Mid Town, this area has an international atmosphere where the elements of working, living, entertaining and relaxing are effortlessly fused together.

Area Guide of Roppongi

Here is a selection of featured properties for sale in the Roppongi Area.

Exterior of Duo Scala Nishiazabu Tower
Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 1
  • 41.4 sq.m.

A stylish condominium apartment that consists of three buildings and stands diagonally in front of Roppongi Hills. It is in a good location close to Nishi-Azabu Crossing where you can enjoy city life. It comes with various functional room equipment such as a bathroom with auto-filling and reheating function and a water purifier.

JPY 56,800,000

Exterior of Park Court Nogizaka The Tower
Nogizaka, Roppongi
  • 1
  • 37.5 sq.m.

A luxury tower apartment built on the hill-top location, in a quiet high class residential area away from busy Roppongi streets, within 5 min walk to Tokyo Midtown, and just behind The National Art Center, Tokyo. It is one of the Park Court branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd. Arrangement of lush greenery in the grounds, graceful and luxury looking design of building appearance and shared spaces. Unit room design to give an open feeling and expansive city views.

JPY 82,000,000

Exterior of Nishiazabu Homes
Omotesando, Nogizaka
  • 1 - 3
  • 47.1 - 68.6 sq.m.

Sold by:Mori Building Co., Ltd. Constructed by: Tokyu Construction

JPY 64,800,000 - 89,800,000

Exterior of Uni Royal Akasaka
Akasaka, Roppongi
  • 1
  • 50.8 sq.m.

JPY 61,800,000

  • 1
  • 38.7 sq.m.

Landmark 39-story tower condominium. Sold by Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd. and Completed by Taisei Corporation. .It provides residents as “Club Member” with high grade hotel-like services. The services are thorough and impressive including front desk services such as reservations of restaurants and any tickets, a valet parking and porter service of putting cars in and out, 24 hours room services, housekeeping services, etc. Public facilities are also provided such as Entrance Lounge and Fitness Gym available 24 hours and free of charge, paid and reserved Guest Suites and Sky Lounge, etc. Dwelling units are from 1R to 3LDK for wide range of dwelling plans from single to family with children supporting the premium living of the big city.

JPY 82,800,000

Exterior of BRANZ Akasaka
Akasaka, Roppongi-itchome
  • 2
  • 92.5 sq.m.

It is one of the BRANZ branded luxury condominium apartments sold by Tokyu Land Corporation. Completed by the Zenitaka Corporation. Walking distance to Tokyo Midtown. Nestled in a quiet area between Tameike Sanno, Roppongi 1 chome and Akasaka stations, this high quality residence has concierge service.

JPY 167,800,000

Exterior of Clover Roppongi
Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 1 - 2
  • 37.8 - 158.8 sq.m.

Located just 1 minute walk from Nogizaka metro station, very easy access to Tokyo central areas such as Roppongi , Aoyama and Akasaka area.

JPY 45,000,000 - 255,000,000

Exterior of Proud Akasaka
Akasaka, Roppongi-itchome
  • 1
  • 60.2 sq.m.

Located in a historic high class residential town of Akasaka in back of Hikawa Shrine. Tokyo Midtown, Akasaka Sacas, and Ark Hills are within walking distance. It is one of Proud branded condominium apartments constructed by Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. having luxury design of dwelling units and shared facilities, and also full range of room equipment including floor heating, etc.

JPY 94,000,000

Exterior of Froint Azabu
Hiroo, Roppongi
  • 1
  • 46.4 sq.m.

Both Roppongi and Hiroo areas are within daily living range. The property is located in Nishiazabu 4-chome. Roppongi Hills and Omotesando are within walking distance. The white tile building produces a sense of cleanliness. It also has a good management system.

JPY 42,800,000

Exterior of Nikko Royal Palace Nishiazabu
Nogizaka, Roppongi
  • 2
  • 59.7 sq.m.

JPY 55,800,000

  • 2
  • 105.8 sq.m.

Built in the hill top location close to Tokyo Midtown, away from the hustle and bustle of Roppongi, blessed with lush greenery of neighboring Hinokicho Park. Symbolic looking building appearance created by fusing advanced and traditional design. Coming with 24 hours concierge service, various shared facilities with artistic atmosphere, well-considered unit room design and arrangement having functional beauty and practicality.

JPY 338,000,000

Exterior of 9 CUBE ROPPONGI
  • 1
  • 57.1 sq.m.

JPY 58,000,000

Exterior of Itopia Roppongi
  • 2
  • 53.6 sq.m.

JPY 65,990,000

Exterior of Pias Nishiazabu
  • 1
  • 44.0 sq.m.

JPY 50,000,000

Hiroo, Nishi-azabu
  • 2
  • 104.1 sq.m.

Hiroo, Aoyama, and Roppongi are within the living area. A luxury condominium apartment built on the hilltop in 4-chome, Nishi-azabu, along a tree-lined street. Sold by MORIMOTO Co.,Ltd. The building and unit rooms made of quality materials offer a full line of good designs. Room equipment is arranged for functionality and comfort.

JPY 350,000,000

Akasaka, Roppongi itchome
  • 4
  • 158.3 sq.m.

12-story condominium located in a quiet residential area with lush greenery near Hikawa Shrine. The outside appearance is sophisticated two-tone design of white and dark brown colors. Good location available for 4 Metro stations includes 4 min walk access to the nearest Akasaka Station. Concierge and hotel-like front desk services support everyday life of the residents. Dwelling units provide 1LDK to 4LDK layouts available for wide variety of family plans. High quality and sophisticated room equipment also support comfortable life, and well-equipped security systems ensure peace and security in life of the residents. The area is surrounded by medical facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and museums, which all serve the charm and convenience of the city life.

JPY 278,000,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Akasaka Residence
Akasaka, Roppongi
  • 2
  • 54.8 sq.m.

The property is located extremely close to Tokyo Midtown. While it is in such a convenient location from where 5 train stations are easily accessible, it is situated in a natural residential neighborhood in Akasaka, that is away from buzz of Roppongi and Akasaka. It is one of 'the Park House' brand's condominium apartments developed by Mitsubishi Estate. It offers highly functional facilities in elegant and stylish designs. All units have a mist sauna, fully automated bathtub control system, floor heating system, etc.

JPY 89,800,000 - 95,000,000

Exterior of The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence
  • 1
  • 42.9 sq.m.

It is the first tower residence in the Nishiazabu area. It is located in the center of Hiroo, Azabu, Aoyama and Roppongi areas. Four train stations for three different lines are accessible. Not having any high-rises, it will have a nice open view with greenery. This property offers Parkhouse brand's first-rate specifications and grand building.

JPY 92,800,000

Exterior of Open Residencia Roppongi Museum Front
Roppongi, Nogizaka
  • 1
  • 55.4 sq.m.

7-story high grade condominium which rises in the open location overlooking The National Art Center Tokyo. It is located in quiet residential area one block away from downtown Roppongi; it is in the central Roppongi area and Tokyo Midtown and Hinokicho Park with full of green are in the neighborhood. 5 min walk to the nearest Roppongi Station, and Nogizaka Station is within walking distance. Dwelling units are mostly one room type to 2LDK desirable for single and DINKS. Security equipments are fully provided including self-locking door, security camera, and 24 hours monitoring system. Various latest equipments are enabled for safe and comfortable urban life.

JPY 64,800,000

Exterior of Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho The Tower
Akasaka, Nogizaka
  • 3
  • 80.6 sq.m.

It is a 44-story luxury tower condominium apartment located close to Tokyo Midtown and adjacent to Hinokicho Park. Sold by Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd. and completed by Taisei Corporation. It is designed by the world-famous Japanese architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma adding warmth to the building and its base isolated and vibration damping structure provides high aseismatic performance. It comes with the full range of the latest shared facilities and services such as various lounges, a fitness gym, concierge service, etc.

JPY 239,800,000

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