Renting a Spacious House in Tokyo

Poste date: Friday, May 10, 2024

For those who are looking for a spacious rental residence in Tokyo, we will guide you on renting a house here.
When people coming to Japan from overseas look for a house, one of their concerns may be that houses in Japan are smaller than those in Western countries. While there are many spacious apartment units in Tokyo, spacious houses are in high demand and popular with both Japanese and foreigners. 

Houses for rent in central Tokyo and the suburbs

There are many houses in relatively quiet, low-rise residential areas. In central Tokyo such as Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku, as well as in the suburban areas such as Setagaya-ku and Meguro-ku, where school buses for international school are available, there exist many houses for rent with spacious floor plans that accommodate expatriate families.

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Advantages of renting a house

Large space and many rooms

The building area of housing in Japan is around 100m2 for houses and 60 to 70m2 (3LDK) for apartments. With the larger area than apartments, some houses have 4LDK or 5LDK floor plans. It is also possible to create a room for a child or a room for teleworking.

*When renting a house with a floor area of more than 240m2 for executive housing, you need to be careful about the method of calculating withholding income tax.

For more information, please see here >> Tax on Executive’s Company housing - For luxury company housing over 240 square meters

Less likely to cause noise problems

There is no need to worry about vibration or noise to the floors below, so there are fewer problems compared to apartment building. However, consideration such as not playing music too loudly, must be given to neighboring houses.

Parking space can be secured

This is not true of all houses, but you can park your car within the premises, eliminating the need to pay for parking fee or to go to the parking lot outside the premises. Some houses have a large surface parking space that allow you to park large or multiple vehicles.

Enable you to have your own private garden

This is also not true of all houses, but if you have a garden, you can enjoy your holidays by having a BBQ or setting up a paddling pool for kids.

Enable you to live in a quiet environment

Many houses are located in the areas where tall buildings are restricted. Therefore, there are not many buildings around you that block the view, you can see the sky, and you can live in a comfortable environment with plenty of sunlight and excellent ventilation.

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Disadvantages of renting a house

Often located far from the station

While some houses are built in the areas with many foreign residents and good access to transportation, such as Hiroo and Moto-Azabu, the areas in central Tokyo and the suburbs where many houses are built, such as Yoyogi, Shoto, Setagaya, Den-en-chofu, are often far from the train station.

Houses that are far away from the nearest train station may be a little inconvenient when using the train, but the bus stops for international schools are often located nearby, so it may be an advantage for families with children who attend the school.

Difficult to contact the manager

In the case of an apartment building, you can consult the English-speaking manager or a concierge desk within the premises when there is a problem with the building, but in the case of a house, you need to contact the manager or management company yourself. In such cases, communication in Japanese may be essential. If you are worried about your Japanese, choosing a house managed by an English-speaking management company is recommended for peace of your mind in case of emergency.


Both apartments and houses have their own advantages. Apartments may be more attractive to those who want a view from the upper floors and good common facilities when deciding on a rental apartment, while houses may be more attractive to those who want more space and a quieter living environment.

To make the most of your time in Japan, please think about what kind of environment you want to live in and find a great place to live that suits your lifestyle.

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Located in a popular area along Tokyu-Toyoko Line. Three stations for three different train lines are accessible. Modern detached house in a quiet residential neighborhood in Meguro. The 29.16 sqm. master bedroom on the 3rd floor is very spacious.

JPY 370,000/month

A house located in a quiet residential area of Yoyogi-uehara. The garage for 2 cars is equipped with EV charger. There is a balcony on each floor, so you can enjoy the change of seasons while having the natural light.

JPY 1,800,000/month

High-grade townhouse in quiet residential neighborhood. Relatively less traffic. Walkable to Hiroo, Azabujuban, & Roppongi Hills. Accessible to buses of international schools. Quality management service.

JPY 1,700,000/month

Located in the Shoto area, which is a popular high-class residential area for celebrities, a 9-min walk from Shinsen Station, and close to Shibuya Station, having good access to various places in Tokyo. There are many convenience stores and supermarkets in the neighborhood, making daily shopping convenient. This terrace house offers maisonette type units with 1-car parking space. The units come with various functional equipment such as floor heating, built-in kitchen with IH cooktop, and bathroom dryer.

JPY 1,340,000/month

Having easy access to three train lines, it is very convenient. Yoyogi Park is a 11 min. walk. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood surrounded by parks and trees. Practical 3LDK floor plan. A loft storage is included.

JPY 450,000/month

It is a house with subdued tone of the design that stands in a good living environment with lush greenery close to St. Mary's International School. The area is also close to the bus stops for German School and American School and attracts foreign families. The living and dining room comes with a bountifully maintained flooring, the kitchen is equipped with a foreign appliances, and the layouts are easy to use with abundant storage spaces.

JPY 700,000/month