Pet Sitters and Hotels in Tokyo

Poste date: Thursday, August 4, 2022

Although it may be preferable to be with your beloved pet at all times, you may come upon a situation in which the place your are traveling doesn’t allow pets, you are too busy working to come home and take care of them, or perhaps you are hospitalized and unable to make it home.

If you need someone to look after your cherished pet, our list of English-Speaking pet sitters and hotels, in Tokyo and Chiba, can help you out. These pet sitters will take great care of your pet allowing you to enjoy your time away without having to worry how your beloved companion is doing.

Pet Sitters and Hotels Tokyo / Chiba

Azabu Pet

Pet sitter, Pet Hotel and Temporary Stay

Athletic Dog Club

Happy Wan Nyan

Pet Inn Royal Narita Airport

Pet Sitter Limbird