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Basic Information of Japan for Expats

Gathered here is a collection of basic information useful to expats who currently live in Japan, or are planning to live in Japan. 

Japan is an easier and more convenient place to live in than you might think. Once you know how things work and what to do, your life in Japan will become stress-free and enjoyable. Our guides cover such things as Money, National Holidays, the My Number System, Age Restrictions, Furniture and Appliances, English TV in Japan, and more.

Japanese Streaming, Cable and More: Get English TV in Japan

Whether you’re craving nostalgic British dramas, your favorite American talk shows, or Japanese programming in English, look no further than these 9 ways to access English TV in Japan through Japanese streaming, satellite, and cable services. TV Streaming Services in Japan In the last few years,…

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Japanese High-tech Toilets: From First Sit to Last Flush

Japan is known as a land of extremes, and even in modern-day urban Tokyo, you can find "washiki (Japanese-style, hole-in-the-ground)" toilets, and in extreme contrast, the high-tech toilets of today. Not only are the high-tech "yoshiki (Western-style)" toilets more comfortable, they are also more…

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Hay Fever (Kafunsho) in Japan

What is Hay Fever (kafunsho / pollen allergy ) ? Pollenosis (commonly referred to as “hay fever”) is allergic reactions triggered by pollen. The types of pollens that trigger allergic reactions are Japanese cedar, Hinoki cypress, and pine trees pollen. Of these three, the one most people have a rea…

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