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Traditional festivals & seasonal events in Tokyo

Japan experiences all four distinctive seasons. Each season; spring, summer, autumn, and winter, has its own special festivals and events. In Tokyo, many unique festivals and events celebrating various holidays and seasons, are held throughout the year. They include traditional religious festivals, modern anime conventions, and fireworks displays.

Below, we have gathered a selection of some of the most well-known/popular festivals in Tokyo such as firework festivals, cherry blossom viewing (Hanami), autumn leaf viewing, and Christmas illuminations. We also included some of our suggestions for seasonal recreational activities.

Tokyo Flea Market Guide: 10 Bastions of Bargain-Hunting

There are many different ways to experience the culture of a foreign place, but nothing gives quite the same insight into local pop culture, history and everyday life as a flea market. Tokyo has plenty such gatherings (known as "furima" in Japanese) on offer, so whether it’s antiques, local fashio…

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Where to buy Halloween costumes and decorations in Tokyo

Halloween is coming up very soon. Have you decided your costume for this year? In recent years, Halloween's popularity has clearly increased in Tokyo. People in Tokyo spend a lot of time and money putting together their costumes every year. Streets in Tokyo and shopping malls put up spooky Hallow…

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Christmas in Roppongi: Things to do

As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering whether Christmas is celebrated in Japan or not. While it is not a traditional holiday in Japan, the Japanese people have adopted it as one of their own and it is celebrated in all manner of forms.Roppongi is no exception and with the many expat…

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Christmas in Roppongi: Six Christmas Illuminations in the Roppongi Hills Area

While not a traditional Japanese cultural festival, the country has adopted Christmas with much enthusiasm with its own unique take on the holiday. One of the most notable traditions that has appeared over the years is that of Christmas illuminations, which takes the essential concept of Christmas l…

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