Tokyo General

Basic Information of Tokyo for Expats

For those visiting or staying in Tokyo for the first time, things might seem more difficult than they actually are. Questions many people have such as "How do I meet people?", "How do I throw away garbage?", and "What  is the weather like?" are all valid concerns. 

We created guides to provide basic information necessary for expats staying or living in Tokyo such as how safe is Tokyo, expat residential areas, facilities catering to expats, transportation guides, and more.

English-speaking Movers in Tokyo (Local & International)

Are you moving in or out of Tokyo? Are you relocating to or from Japan? If so, you may need a moving service to assist in helping you relocate your belongings to your new home. If the thought of having to work with a moving company that doesn’t speak your language sounds like a nightmare, let us…

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A guide to transportation options for getting around Tokyo

Finding your way in Tokyo can seem overwhelming at first. It's an enormous city with a language that you may not understand or be able to read. But, like any large city, it has plenty of transportation options available to help you get wherever you need to go. Whether it's hailing a taxi, switchin…

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