These articles contain information that will be useful for those wanting to invest in real estate in Japan. Here we explain how to choose an investment property, how to manage an investment property, things to be careful of when managing assets, real estate market information, and income taxes for non-residents in Japan.

The updated price comparison of condominiums and offices in Asian countries.

The price of condominiums and offices in Japan is looking comparatively cheap in the international market. According to a private research organization, the price of a newly-built condominium in Tokyo as of April 1, 2015 is less than half price of the same in Hong Kong when converted into Japanese Y…

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Withholding tax on real estate sales by Non-residents

When a real estate property in Japan owned by a non-resident or a foreign corporation is sold, to prevent omission of report on income tax, the person who purchases and pays for the property has to pay the equivalent amount of the income tax withheld upon the transaction to the local taxation offi…

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About Residential Lease Property Management in Japan

Act on Rental Housing Management Business (Act on Optimization of Rental Housing Management Business, etc.) came into effect on June 15, 2021. With the enforcement of this act to optimize the management of rental housing, the former registration system required by the Ministry of Land, Infrastruct…

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Can a foreigner purchase property in Japan?

Against the backdrop of a weakened yen, an increase in foreign tourists, and a rise in the number of foreign residents, there is a growing trend of real estate purchases in Japan by foreigners. The number of foreigners purchasing real estate such as condominiums and commercial buildings…

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Redevelopment plans in Tokyo

Tokyo is currently experiencing a time of intensifying global intercity competition. The centers of big cities around the world such as London, Paris, and New York, are going to change greatly and be reborn through the effort various redevelopment plans. Various redevelopment projects are in progres…

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Funds Remittance for a Real Estate Purchase (From Overseas to Japan)

A non-resident customer buying a real estate property in Japan is likely to not have a bank account in Japan and may need to remit the necessary funds for a purchase to Japan. Where to remit funds from when overseas: We here at PLAZA HOMES would like to introduce our trust account in the name of…

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Withholding Tax for the leasing of real estate owned by Non-residents

When a foreign investor or a real estate owner who does not live in Japan due to overseas assignment rents out real estate in Japan and a lessee is a corporation, the lessee shall pay 20.42% of the rent to the tax office as withholding tax, and the lessor will receive the remaining amount after wi…

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Owning a Japanese Ski Holiday Property

This is article was provided by Mr. Ziv Nakajima-Magen, a partner and executive manager at Nippon Tradings International.    Winter Is Coming Japan is internationally renown for having some of the world’s best winter sports hotspots – according to “Snow Japan”, one of the leading English langua…

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Japanese Real Estate 2017-2018 Summary, Predictions

This is article was provided by Mr. Ziv Nakajima-Magen, a partner and executive manager at Nippon Tradings International. It’s that time of year again – as 2018 kicks into gear, all major real-estate industry players have published their annual 2017 statistics, summaries and, perhaps most importantl…

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