Real Estate Guide 

These articles contain information about real estate sales and purchases and are for those who are considering buying real estate in Japan. Topics covered include things to be careful of when choosing a property, what Japanese apartments are like, insurance for buildings, and more. We’ve written these articles in an easy-to-understand manner for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese business practices.

Seminar - Buying and Selling Real Estate for Foreigners in Japan

PLAZA HOMES presented a lecture on "Buying and Selling Real Estate for Foreigners in Japan" at Expat Expo Tokyo 2021. The presentation covers topics such as buying a property in Japan, mortgages, popular areas, taxes, and comparisons with renting.   For Foreigners, How to Buy / Sell Real Esta…

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Renting vs Buying Which is better?

Which is better: living in a rental property and continuing to pay rent or buying a property for sale? This is a frequent question that many people are wondering about. It is very difficult to give you a clear answer because it depends on the person’s life plan, the way of thinking about his/her lif…

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How to Sell Your Home in Japan for More Money

For smooth sales of your real estate property in better terms, it is important for you to understand the flow of a real estate sales transaction and prepare for your actual transaction in advance. For those who are considering selling a real estate property in Japan, we here show some tips to sell…

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What is the definition of a “Jiko Bukken” property? Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announces the guidelines.

What is the definition of a “Jiko Bukken” property? You may have heard before, but often do not know well. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has recently released “Guidelines for Disclosure of a Death that Occurred in a House by a Real Estate Broker”.These guidelines are…

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Amendment of Japan’s Real Property Registration Act

To make inheritance registration of land ownership and change of owner address become mandatory in Japan  Registration of inheritance and change of address of real estate ownership will be mandatory (to be enforced by 2024). After the amendment is in effect, failure to do such duties without good…

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Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill

Japan enacts Land Use Restriction Bill In the early hours of March 26, the Japanese government enacted a new bill (Land Use Restriction Bill) tightening regulations on the the acquisition and usage of land around Self-Defense Forces bases, nuclear plants, and remote islands that are adjacent to t…

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Architecture Firms / Architects in Japan

We have many requests from foreign customers who want to buy lands and build houses on them, rebuild old houses, renovate preowned condominiums in Japan. We find, however, that many foreigners are worried about communication in Japanese and are not able to convey the desired image and design well.…

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Taxes and Expenses after acquiring Real Estate in Japan

When you purchase real estate in Japan such as your own home or an income-generation property, there are taxes and miscellaneous expenses that you have to pay after your purchase or throughout the period of your ownership. We here provide a guidance on taxes and expenses after your purchasing real…

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Web Seminar on Purchasing Real Estate in Japan for Foreigners

Real Estate Japan’s web seminar, “How to Buy a Home in Tokyo as a Foreigner” was held on Saturday, December 19th, 2020. One of our sales staff, Mr. Kubo participated by giving a talk on this session’s theme, “Real Estate Market Trends”. We would like to report that this webinar was a huge success…

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Insurance for Flood Disaster (water damage) caused by heavy rain, typhoons, and others

Over the past few years, large-scale flood damages have frequently occurred in various parts of Japan due to typhoons and local heavy rains. Almost every year in some part of Japan there is heavy rainfall the likes of which is only seen once every few decades and due to this heavy rainfall, the ri…

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