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These articles contain information about real estate sales and purchases and are for those who are considering buying real estate in Japan. Topics covered include things to be careful of when choosing a property, what Japanese apartments are like, insurance for buildings, and more. We’ve written these articles in an easy-to-understand manner for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese business practices.

Income Tax on Rental Real Estate Income

The income received when renting out a real estate property in Japan is counted as part of your taxable income. It may seem frustrating at first if you don't know where to ask or how things are calculated. Here in this easy to follow guide, we will explain what rental income taxes can affect real es…

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Real Estate Purchase by Foreigners – Our Service was Introduced by a TV News Program

Our real estate service was introduced by a Japanese national TV news program, “Super News(スーパーニュース)” on Fuji TV, February 26th and “Tokudane (特ダネ ) ” on Fuji TV, March 11th. The contents covered by both programs were about the recent increase of real estate purchases in Tokyo by foreigners.    …

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Withholding tax on real estate sales by Non-residents

When a real estate property in Japan owned by a non-resident or a foreign corporation is sold, to prevent omission of report on income tax, the person who purchases and pays for the property has to pay the equivalent amount of the income tax withheld upon the transaction to the local taxation offi…

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A Simple Guide to Home Insurance in Japan

Living in Japan as a foreigner, you may face challenges due to culture shock, language barriers and just plain cross-cultural misunderstanding. But beyond these obvious daily experiences, foreign residents may also have to overcome hurdles in times of stress or disaster. When you own or rent a pro…

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Japan Earthquake Insurance Guide: A Simple Q&A

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, and there is a history of discussions and studies over a long period of time before the earthquake insurance system was introduced. In the wake of the 1964 Niigata Earthquake, the government and property & casualty insurance companies researched and drafte…

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Real Estate Notary in Japan

Real estate companies in Japan have staff who with the national qualification called Real Estate Notary / Real Estate Transaction Agent(宅地建物取引士), more than 1 out of 5 of all employees. Those who are qualified as Real Estate Notary have a broad knowledge of real estate transactions and should, by a…

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Land Use Zones under the City Planning Law in Japan

Land Use Zones (用途地域) are areas that are regulated under the City Planning Law (都市計画法) and designates the possible usage of land and properties in that area. This system is to realize an effective placement of buildings in accord with each area environment, avoiding mixed and disorderly land usag…

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Funds Remittance for a Real Estate Purchase (From Overseas to Japan)

A non-resident customer buying a real estate property in Japan is likely to not have a bank account in Japan and may need to remit the necessary funds for a purchase to Japan. Where to remit funds from when overseas: We here at PLAZA HOMES would like to introduce our trust account in the name of…

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Lifespan of a Japanese Apartment

What is the life span of an apartment in Japan? How many years will it remain habitable. When you consider purchasing a second-hand apartment, many may wonder how long they will be able to reside there. Many older apartments can provide attractive investment opportunities if obtained within a reaso…

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Tips for buying an old apartment in Japan

According to a survey taken by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the total number of apartment buildings (as of 2012) in Japan is approximately 5,900,000. It is estimated that the number buildings over 40 years old will be around 730,000 in 2018. Second-hand apartments account for…

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