What is Home Staging? Staging your home for a more attractive property

Poste date: Friday, August 20, 2021


Why not consider “Home Staging” for making your home attractive for prospective buyers or lessees?

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a method of arranging furniture, lighting, houseplants, miscellaneous goods decorated in a house or apartment unit for sale or lease, to maximize the attractiveness of such a housing space and to make it easier to give you a real-life picture. It has been becoming popular in Japan recently, but it is a method that has been widely practiced for a long time in Europe and the United States for an effective and efficient real estate transactions.


The Effects of Home Staging?

1. To Increase House-viewing Rate

By posting the pictures and images with spatial presentation on a property advertisement, more prospective buyers or lessees will be interested in the property, and it will lead to an increase in the view rate. The increase in the view rate will lead to early conclusion of sales and lease agreements.

2. To Improve the First Impression of the Property

The refined staging presentation gives prospective buyers or lessees a good impression and a clear image of their lives after their purchase or lease, and it will be a great help in making contract decision. (As an example that shows the importance of the first impression, there is a piece of data that many prospective buyers make a purchase decision within 6 minutes of viewings, whereas they may have an impression to need a considerable time for examination and consideration.)

3. To Increase the Sale Price

With the attractive staging presentation, a sales agreement may be concluded at a higher sale price than expected. 


How to Stage a House

1. To ask a Home Staging Company or Furniture Dealer

Home stagers and interior decorator will select the best furniture and install it in the best place for your property. It is also possible for you to rent such furniture at the start of tenant recruitment or sales promotion, to create a good impression of the property during the period until it is leased or sold.


Our recommended furniture leasing company in Tokyo >> Tokyo Lease Corporation

Some companies may offer services to take pictures or images of the properties after their installation of such rental furniture. Other companies may propose a plan to install such furniture only at the time of shooting pictures or images.
* It may produce effective results, but the cost tends to be higher.

2. To take advantage of Virtual Home Staging 

By using a 360-degree VR system, a house or room can be presented nicely with CG processing without placing furniture. It is also possible for you to select the pictures and images without furniture, so it can help viewing the properties without furniture.
*The cost of such service is relatively low, but the quality of CG seems to vary depending on the service provider.

3. To Place and Present Furniture by Yourself

You can also use existing furniture, purchase or rent new furniture to create your own desired space presentation.
*There are no consulting fees by this method, but depending on the choice of furniture, it may be more costly. It also requires efforts and may take some time to complete such presentation.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in home staging, we recommend that you obtain various information from the related website pages, etc. and select the right method for you.

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Sale Property tag

3min to Azabujuban Station and within walking distance of Roppongi Station, where multiple subway lines are available. It is a 10-story luxury apartment built in the area along Azabujuban Shopping Street, having dark-tone tiled quality-looking appearance and natural stone tiled entrance design. The neighborhood is very convenient to live having supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants while you can also enjoy various gourmet restaurants from well-known to secret ones.  The building’s solid security management includes 24 hours security system, automatic door locking, and security cameras, and the front desk concierge provides various services for the residents. The dwelling units offer the sizes from 1LDK to 4LDK for various life styles of the residents. It comes with the latest room equipment to support a comfortable everyday life.

JPY 229,800,000

Exterior of Tokyo Twin Parks
Sale Property tag

It is a 47 floor luxurious twin tower condominium with a right-wing and a left-wing building located in front of Hamarikyu Gardens and a 2 min.walk from Shiodome Station. The common use facilities which were designed for luxurious hotel image include an entrance, lobby, front desk service, various lounges, a guest room, and a fitness room. The up-dated room equipment support everyday life of the residents. Ocean views from the Eastside units include Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Bay, and City views from the Westside units include Tokyo Tower and Cityscape of Tokyo, which adds color to the living space. The area is located in one of the Tokyo's most active commercial and business districts of Shinbashi and Shiodome, and is surrounded by many restaurants and shopping places. Good transportation access and convenience for life make your high class urban life enjoyable.

JPY 86,000,000 - 620,000,000

Exterior of Kitasuna 3-chome House
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Exterior of Shimouma 5-chome House
Sale Property tag

Large living room and spacious enough 4BR floor plan + roof terrace of approx. 18m2. The front road is 6m and can park 2 cars.