Before Relocating to Japan

Things to know before relocating to Tokyo, Japan

Relocation to a foreign country for a new post or for a change of scenery may be very cumbersome and require quite a bit of preparation time. For a foreigner and his/her family who are planning to stay for few years in Japan, there are many obstacles to overcome.

To help you in your relocation to Japan we have created guides that we hope will be of assistance. Our guides include topics such as basic information about Japan, popular expat residential areas, international schools in Tokyo, bringing your appliances and pets to Japan, house hunting, rental market prices, and more.

Tokyo Weather Survival Tips & Advice for Every Season

Tokyo, like most of the rest of the world, has a fair amount of seasonal variation in its weather patterns. For the most part, the weather is fairly mild and generally quite pleasant though there is a typhoon (also known as a hurricane or tropical cyclone) season that runs from July to September whe…

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Expat Housing in Tokyo

Moving to Tokyo as a foreigner takes a lot of work to find a house and get settled. Such process involves selecting a property, area orientation, arranging a mover, all sorts of registrations, and necessary changes of all kinds. On top of that, you need to find a school and process enrollment if yo…

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Furniture for Expat residences in Japan – Bringing, leasing or buying

When you renting a residence in Japan, typically, rental properties with long-term contracts do not come fully furnished with furniture and appliances. Here is a short guide to inform foreign expats of the different options available in Japan in when it comes to furnishing a home. The options we wi…

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Foreigner’s Long-term Stay in Japan and Household Electronic Appliances

When a foreigner moves long-term to Japan such as for starting a new life as an expat, you will need to use household appliances in the residence you lease. If you bring appliances from your home country, you will face a lot of cumbersome matters. Here we show below the guidance on the voltage and e…

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The Safest City in the World? Give it up for Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest, most densely populated cities in the world. As of January 2019, it was estimated that the metropolitan area of Tokyo had 13.8 million residents with over 6,000 persons per square kilometer–that’s a lot of people living in a relatively small area. One would think that it…

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Bringing Pets to Japan and Back: A Quick 4-Step Guide

Moving to Japan and bringing your cherished pet with you can’t be that hard, right? The answer to that is, yes and no. On one hand, bringing pets to Japan is a tedious and potentially expensive process. On the other hand, with some planning and enough time to prepare, you can avoid a lot of the more…

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What Tokyo Expats Should Know About Driving in Japan

Driving in a foreign country may be challenging. In Tokyo, the traffic flows on the left and many foreigners might have the impression that the roads are extremely narrow. Road signs in Japanese can be confusing which could make you nervous while driving. The following information will help you beco…

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Residential area for commuting International Schools in Tokyo

Many international schools are located in Tokyo and Yokohama. Curriculums, teaching philosophies, tuition, and size, are all contributing factors when deciding on the right international school for your child. Location is just as important a factor to consider. In order to find a property from whic…

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How to Get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Haneda is Tokyo’s closest airport and covers almost all domestic flights as well as an increasing number of international flights from the United States and Southeast Asia. Despite its often higher ticket fees, it is still the destination of choice due to its convenience and proximity to Tokyo.

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How to Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo

Narita International Airport is in many ways the gateway to Japan, serving 117,000 passengers each day in 2018. With three terminals including one low cost terminal, it was originally built in 1978 to help relieve Haneda Airport from the volume of passengers coming to Japan in the wake of the …

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