Tokyo’s Apartments with Life Continuity Performance - Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s subsidy for purchase of emergency stockpiles and equipment

Poste date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

For promotion of home evacuation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has started to register the apartments which are prepared for disasters and to announce the list of such apartments as “Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster (Apartments with Life Continuity Performance)”. For the management associations of the condominiums and the owners of the rental apartments which are registered in the list of the apartments, a subsidy program, for the purchase of emergency stockpiles and equipment, also has been launched.

Japan is a country with a very large number of natural disasters, so Japanese government specifies the following evacuation places:

Designated evacuation shelters: Facilities intended for residents who have evacuated due to the risk of disaster, and for their stay for the necessary period until the risk of disaster disappears, or for residents who are unable to return to their homes due to disasters, and for their temporary stay.

Designated emergency evacuation shelters: Facilities intended for residents to evacuate urgently for the purpose of securing the safety of the residents’ lives, in the situations where the danger of disasters such as tsunamis and floods is imminent.

But unfortunately, the number of such shelters is not enough, and furthermore, due to the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have feelings of resistance towards the environment where closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings exist.

What is “Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster”?

An apartment that meets the following requirements is the one which makes it easy to continue living at home even in the event of a power outage due to a disaster.

Earthquake resistance

- The apartments which received building certification on or after June 1, 1981 (The new earthquake resistance standards)

- The apartments which meet the old earthquake resistance standards and have been confirmed to comply with the new earthquake resistance standards through seismic diagnosis or seismic retrofitting works based on Building Standards Act.

Countermeasures of tangible factors

Emergency power-supply equipment must be installed, so that it can operate water supply equipment and one or more elevators simultaneously or alternately even in the event of a power outage.

Countermeasures of intangible factors

<Essential> To have a disaster prevention manual.

<Optional> To work on one of the measures such as to conduct disaster drills at least once a year, to store drinking water and food for about 3 days, to secure emergency materials and equipment, and to establish a contact system in the event of a disaster.

*On the premise that the apartment has earthquake resistance, it can be registered only with the requirements on tangible factors or intangible factors.

Subsidy Details

For the management associations of the condominium apartments and the owners of the rental apartments which are registered in the list of Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster, part of the purchase cost of emergency stockpiles and equipment will be subsidized under the following conditions.

Subsidy Rate


Maximum Amount


Key Requirements

- To be registered in the list of Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster

- To conduct disaster drills by using purchased emergency stockpiles and equipment and report the results along with participants feedbacks.

Subsidized Projects

Expenses related to the purchase of emergency stockpiles and equipment (drinking water and food are not covered)

Examples: emergency power generators, portable toilets, emergency supplies storage cabinets, water supply tanks, etc

Subsidy Recipients

The management associations of condominium apartments and the owners of rental apartments

Service desk for registration and application for subsidy

Service desk for applying for registration of “Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster.”

Apartment Section, Private Housing Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Office for Housing Policy (In charge of policy coordination)
TEL: 03-5320-7532

Service desk for applying for the subsidy of “Tokyo’s apartments to stay during a disaster Promotion Program.”

Apartment Section, Private Housing Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Office for Housing Policy (In charge of improvement of residential quality)
TEL: 03-5320-5007

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